Friday, November 30, 2007


Funny how I look forward to Friday even though it's just like every other day. It's not like I get to take a break on the weekend, however amazingly awesome that may sound. I think it's just the fact that Friday means Saturday is tomorrow, which means I might see Lonnie a little more than in the morning and maybe I can escape for some time to myself. In college it was, "sweet, it's Friday, party classes tomorrow!" when we had no kids it was, "sweet, it's Friday, I can sleep until noon tomorrow!" now it's like, "sweet, it's Friday, I made it through the week without hurting anyone or selling a child!" :) I was hoping to coax Lonnie into having a date night for us tomorrow night, but it looks like we might get snow...and rain, and sleet and ice! I'm super excited about sledding this year, I'm all about freaking Baylor out with a huge hill and giving him a little plastic sled and seeing where he ends up. We had a great sledding hill at our house, except you ended up in the woods in a pile of brush or rocks. I only gashed my head one time and had one concuscion, but no stitches!! It's not real sledding unless you can bob and weave your way through trees and large sharp rocks.
All of my Christmas card photos are here and all of my gifts have arrived through the mail! I found out that Baylor likes to unwrap presents even though they are not his....we'll have to be hiding them until the big day arrives. He was more interested in what the wrapping paper came on than the present itself...I guess I should take back that toy train set and get him a box.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What day is it?

When you wake up and realize you have no idea what day it know you need more sleep. This too will pass....someday Brody will like sleeping through the night!!! My arm hurts like crazy from the flu shot, but I'd rather have that pain then influenza. It's one of those looks-like-snow-but-isn't-going-to-snow-days....kind of gloomy and gray. I need snow to make December seem official...I'm not talking wimpy flurries, I'm talking 8-10 inches of the white stuff.

So Baylor has started this new thing where he grunts and gets all angry and says, 'ahhhhrrhg okay fine!" HOLY COW!!! Where did he get that from? Ummmmm that would be me when I'm talking to our dogs!! He sees me get angry at them for eating his toys, eating his food or peeing on the bed ( yes, I said peeing on the bed...that's a whole nother story!) and thinks it's okay. So the lesson that I learned is that I must control my raging anger at the dogs until he's out of the room. They say toddler's soak up so much and watch everything and I know Baylor does!! I just have to be more careful about my reactions to things, even if it's a simple grunt or groan in frustration. He showed us how to do jumping jacks last night on the bed, I thought I was going to fall over laughing. He kind of looked like a rabid monkey. We're still working on the potty thing, but he wants nothing to do with it and is actually quite amused to watch himself pee....on the floor...or in the bathtub...NOT the potty. I refuse to force him if he's not ready though, it's one battle I will not fight.

We're starting to plan our escape to Mt.Vernon Illinois for the Holidays. We're renting a minivan (go soccer mom!) and staying at a hotel this time for sanity's sake. It's great to be with family, but they can only take so much of us :) This way, we'll all get sleep...well, at least Lonnie and Baylor will. We've never been in one room before, even if it's technically a "suite" it probably won't drown out crying baby. Everyone is very excited to go though, especially Baylor.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A glimpse into the future

I know it's wayyyyyy early to be talking about another kiddo, but I got a glimpse of what it might be like today. I watched Josiah Dean for a few hours while his mom went to the dentist. Granted, he was very well behaved and just played the entire time. It did give me a chance to contemplate adding another bambino to the Speidel househould in the future...key word being future. It wasn't too bad, feeding two toddlers lunch and holding Brody...then feeding Brody while they played blocks. It would be a huge financial jump car (little Carolla wouldn't hold three carseats) new house (no way in heck I'm putting three kids in one very small room) diapers, food, etc. Since it is in the far away future, if at all, prayer is the only thing to do right now.

We're off tonight to get flu for all...or not so much. Lonnie refused to get one, until I threatened him with gory details and made him feel guilty about the health of his children. Hopefully, Baylor will be okay...I know it makes your arm hurt for a while after you get it. I warned him in advance and he knows what's coming. We might have to make a Dairy Queen run after the pain has been inflicted. Poor Brody, all he gets is milk...wonder if you can make breast milk ice cream? Just kidding.

It's freezing in here...but this is the beginning of keeping the house at a chilly 60 degrees during the day and 58 at night to save moola. I have invested in some nice warm socks, slippers and hooded sweatshirts for all.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Could I be more selfish...

Many apologies. I read my last post and decided that I was being pretty selfish about the money thing. It could be worse and we have SOOOO much to be thankful for it's not even funny. We'll pay the bills (slowly and on time) and suck it up. God will provide!! We have a house, health, food on our table and we get to buy our family Christmas gifts.

So I'm finished with Christmas gifts...finished this morning in my underwear (like I said I would) after realizing they were on inside out and my socks didn't match. That my friends, is also a side effect of lack of sleep. It's realllllly hitting me hard this morning. I even busted out the espresso machine I got last Christmas from Lonnie. I did let Brody cry last night and he put himself back to sleep for another hour and a half (hey! progress!!) I even got to shower before 1pm today and use my new shampoo AND shave my legs. I was contemplating growing the hair long enough to braid but only for about two seconds. (not like you really needed to hear that information) Hey, the french do it...why not us Americans...think how much time, water and shaving cream we'd save?

Well it's Monday. This week is pretty empty except band on Thursday and a play date at our house on Friday. I do however, have mounds of laundry (still can't figure out where it all comes from) to wash and put away. My darling lovely husband has a large pile (actually many large piles) around the house to pick up. What is it with men and piles (and I'm not just talking about the kind left in the toilet) I find them everywhere!!! Hidden, on the coffee table, on the toilet seat, in the bed, on the dresser....Lonnie has to be king of piles :) I still love him though.

Baylor is up from his nap and Brody will soon follow....and we're off to the library to find new bedtime books and a dvd that we'll watch about 56 times in a row. This will be my only trip out of the house today (except walking to the mailbox) so I need to go make myself pretty :)

By the way, know anyone who wants a beagle...or two? I love my dogs dearly, but they've been super naughty, eating Baylor's food right off of his plate and peeing on the carpet IN FRONT OF ME!!!!! I want them to be happy so if you know anyone who would love them, let me know.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

God will provide

I would have to say that one of the worst feelings in the world is not being able to pay your medical bills...or any bill for that matter, off right away. The next worse feeling is feeling the stress from your husband as he opens yet another medical bill (seriously, where do these things come from!?) Granted, I feel very responsible for 95% of the medical bills in the house ( you can blame the other 5% on Brody) but I did need that biopsy to make sure I'd make it to next Christmas. Praise the Lord it came back negative, but don't you think they should say, "congrats, you don't have cancer and we'd like to pay your bill because we caused you enormous amounts of pain!" Our health care system is seriously flawed, I'm not sure who to blame, I'd just like some help with these stinkin bills.

BUT....God will provide. We've been in this boat before. Just when we have our budget figured out and we are working towards paying off things...wham! Another bill in the mail. I'd like to kick whoever sends these things......and right before Christmas?! C'mon people. BUT...God will provide. It's having the faith and courage to trust that HE will come through in tough times. I'd love prayer.....not for me, but for Lonnie. I know how stressed out money issues make him and it makes our relationship tougher and I hate seeing him in anguish about money. I have a peace about it, but I'm not the one working hard to make the money. I do however, get to be blessed to stay at home, the best gift in the entire world.

On a happier note. I took Baylor shopping today for a new coat (shhh don't tell Brody) and boots. Found the coat on sale, but the boots were crazy expensive and the toy train was much more fun. I've also finished 80% of my Christmas shopping, decorated the house, made the Christmas cards and not killed anyone in the process. Pat on the back for me :) Have a good Sunday. ....wait, it's Saturday...that's what happens when you are up six times at night!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Things I'm thankful for

Pie day has arrived. Actually it's not pie day until I finish cleaning, laundering and putting furniture back where it goes....then pie day can offically start. It's a sad pie day because I only get to make one pie. I am however, eating my high fiber cereal right now in preperation for the onslaught of calories to be consumed tomorrow.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I am compiling a list of things that I'm thankful for. It's more like a long sentance of thankfullness. Of Course I'm thankful for everything God has blessed me with, especially my loving husband and beautiful healthy (although sleepless) boys, for having a roof over our heads and food (even if it's mac and cheese ) to eat, for families (both sides of mine are fantastic...a little crazy, but fantastic) silicone spoonulas (they are an amazing invention people) Earplugs (for crying babies and snoring husbands) yoplait thick and creamy yogurt (that's my nickname...thick and creamy) Our trusty Corolla that will be hitting 100,000 miles soon and (knock on wood) still runs great, for baby monitors with an off switch, swiffer sweepers, Goodwill baby!, our health (minus the puking), everytime we think we can't make it through the month and God provides, for obnoxious yet loveable brothers, for living close to my mom ( I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing that is!), for soft water (we don't have it, but when I get to take a shower with soft water...silky baby, silky), my new glasses! ( I can see again) Heat (although we may need to take out a small loan or sell organs to keep the house warm this winter, I am thankful for the highway robbery) My insanly retarted cute annoying snuggly pissing dogs (yes, I love them even though I want to drop kick them 98% of the time) , For the moments like this when both boys are napping...well, Brody is crying but Baylor is napping and for this blog which has suprisingly kept me sane these past few weeks. Amen...I mean, the end. I love you all and I'm VERY THANKFUL for you!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Floor=done and Turkey day is coming

Yippeeeee! I finished staining the floor this morning and the boys and I are at house to escape the fumes. Hopefully it will be dry by the time we get home tonight. We're having pizza tonight with my parent's bible study, Kort and Bri. I think my mother secretly is following us around the house cleaning up after Baylor. It's been a long time since a toddler has spent the day at her nice clean house :) Just wait, he's just begun. He's managed to find the paper shredder, remotes and escape through the sliding glass door already this morning.

Right now, Baylor is asleep in my old bed....and he's stayed there! Which happens to be a minor miracle in itself. He's on his way to big boy bed land....someday. I'm not even going to talk about Brody...just two words...five times.

Turkey day is approaching. I am mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of waistline/hair/appearance/weight comments that will be coming from my mom's side of the family. " oh, you look like you've almost lost that baby weight..." or " Do you really want to eat that?" and , " I shouldn't...I just worked out." Listen people, if I had the time, energy and the right sports bra, I would be running a marathon right now.
They don't really mean to do it, it's just in their blood. Apparently if you're not 6 feet and 135 pounds, you suck. I'm perfectly happy with my stumpiness and I will eat mashed potatoes until they come out my ears.

Tomorrow is pie day. Let the pie making fun begin.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Germs are bad

"Germs are icky, me no like germs" says Baylor. I thought we were through the woods with our stomach bug, but Lonnie came down with it Saturday night. I went OCD and proceeded to bleach any hard surface in our house in hopes that the boys won't get it. (you can pray they don't!!) Needless to say it's been a very trying weeked. I got to play nurse, mom, maid, contractor (still working on the floor!!) and cook all at once. That is what I love doing though :) No one said this mommy thing was easy.

For those of you keeping score...Brody is still waking up three-five times a night and not napping. I'm ready to burn all of the baby sleep books in a ritual fire and dance around it cursing. Any tips, prayers or hard liqour would be appreciated.

Bri, Kort's girlfriend and Kort are here for the week. I'm very excited to have another female around and to get to know her better. She is great (what I've seen so far) and Baylor has fallen in love with her already. So he'd better keep her around.

Goals for the week: Get Christmas shopping done or almost done, decorate house with holiday cheer, clean clean clean, finish the freaking floor, make a pie or two for Thanksgiving and RELAX. I know the last one will be almost utterly impossible, but I thought I'd give it a try.

We're looking forward to traveling to Mt.Vernon Illinois for Christmas to see Lonnie's family. Some of them haven't met Brody yet and we're excited to share him with them.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Farmer in the Dell...

Those are the words I woke up (only for the 4th time) this morning to. Baylor was serenading his mounds of stuffed animals in his bed. Minus the many wakings by mini Lonnie, waking up to a singing two year old makes me smile. Brody is on this strange up every three hour schedule and night and I don't like it one bit. I want to let him cry, but I'm scared of waking the other kiddo up. "THIS TO SHALL PASS...." are the words I have to keep uttering to my sleepless body. Brody was up at 6am this morning smiling away....the positive was I got to shower before 1pm.

It's been an interesting week. Monday I came down with the nasty stomach bug and ended up in the ER with much fluids being pumped back into me. I felt better that day, it came as quickly as it left, but was awful. None of the boys have gotten it, maybe because I bleached everything in the house from top to bottom. I have a huge fear of puke...I can do poop, blood, snot, boogers, spit-up, etc....but not puke.

Tonight is GIRLS NITE.....yippeeee. I get to have a few hours without kiddos Christmas shopping with a bunch of other mommies. It may sound boring to many of you, but when you haven't left the house in a week, except the library and ER, then this is like a cruise to Alaska. Kort is coming back in town with his girlfriend Bri on Sunday. I've never met her, but he's so happy and I know he's in love so she has my approval :) I'm super excited to see them both. They haven't met Brody yet, so it should be fun. They are also helping me sand the floor...ah, slave labor is priceless.

I'm off to a play date and hopefully adult conversation.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lonnie vs. Bambi

Score: Lonnie 1, Bambi 0......minus a headlight and dented driver side door. Praise God he wasn't driving our little Corolla or it could have been Lonnie 0, Bambi 1. He was on his way back from the regional cross country meet in Minnesota and was driving 75 on the highway in the 15 passenger van when Bambi decided to head-butt the driver's side. Luckily, no one was hurt except for the headlight. So be careful when driving at night, it's rutting season and Bambi is looking for love.

Brody was still up two times last tired!!! If I can just get him to settle back down the first waking (usually at 4 hours) he would sleep much longer. He's done it before, I know he can do it. It stinks because he's in our room and I hear every grunt, groan, toot and sniffle. I don't want to let him cry too much because he'll wake Baylor. Lonnie sleeps through anything so I'm not worried about him. I know it's a season in my life of not getting sleep, but it really does wear on you. He does give me huge smiles when I get him though, which makes waking up to feed him much more enjoyable. He got his first "haircut" last night and looks much more grown up without his crazy long flyaway side hairs. He's also starting to get fathead like his brother did :) I'll take that as a sign of intellegence.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Ode to Goodwill

Hallelujah...time to myself. Kim and Kim watched the boys this morning while I got to steal a few moments to myself to listen to adult music and drink coffee at a slow pace. It's a great deal we have going on, every Friday we meet at a different house and one mom gets to leave her kids and get the heck out of dodge for a few hours and then the next week it changes. This week was my week....believe me, I've been looking forward to it for weeks...been planning my escape. SOoooooooo where did I go? My favorite store of all time. Goodwill.

Goodwill rocks my socks off. I found a leather coat, stellar green leather purse, gap jeans, new adidas jogging pants, jcrew turtleneck, gap shirt and calvin klein shirt (oh yes, and a toy for Baylor) all for under $25 buckaroos. I don't know if people realize the treasures you can find. I could have probably spent the entire day digging and searching for bargains, but I had to get back to the boys. They were good...only one trip to the "naughty chair" for Baylor and Brody actually slept about an hour.

We came home to a package from Gramma Speidel full of fun new toys for Baylor and some clothes (Thanks so much gramma S) Baylor wouldn't take a nap without half of the cars piled high in his bed, but hey...whatever works. Lonnie gone until Saturday night.....pray for much sleep and sanity while I battle the boys alone :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's go time

Tomorrow, as I venture into the outside world (haven't been out of the house since Sunday) my husband has to suck it up and take care of not one, but BOTH boys. I have faith in him and know he can do it, but I'm still very nervous about leaving him and Brody. He tends to get distracted by the idiot box and Baylor tends to find Brody's face in these rare moments of irresponsibility. I am going to band, not to play yet, but to sort music and listen to their run through for the upcoming competition (USOpen). I miss my cornet dearly and can't seem to find a time where someone isn't sleeping or Brody isn't crying because of loud noises.
Brody is still napping like a weirdo, I wish he's condense his afternoon naps into one very long one. He is trying to roll over from back to front and is grabbing things now. It's great to gaze into his eyes and have him try to touch your face. Baylor keeps on cracking us up with his phrases and words and antics. He is so animated.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Now having two boys, I get to use the phrase, "the boys are ____" fill in the blank. Right now, at this glorious time, I will use the phrase, "THE BOYS ARE NAPPING!" with much joy and excitement because it happens so rarely. I know I will jinx myself now that I have uddered those marvelous words. Brody is starting to take longer naps, still with a little crying and fussing in between, but I can handle that. Baylor is still (fingers crossed) taking one nap in the afternoon between one and two hours. I tried to lay down, but it failed. I think there is a small midget inside my brain that keeps scribbling and jotting down all the things I want to, need to and haven't done. These brief moments when I get to lay down always prove to be my most creative, but unfortunaly I don't get sleep. Sleep is for the weak.
November has blown in like a angry lion. It's freeeezing in our house that we're trying to keep at 60 degrees so we don't have to take our a small loan to pay for the heating bill. The yard is covered in random recyclables, the sandbox cover, Baylor's shovel and the neighbors garabage can. Fortunatly, all of the leaves have blown into one section of the yard so it will be easy for handy man Lonnie to vaacume them up. The trees are very much naked but the grass is still green and hanging on for dear life. I love fall, but I think winter will be rearing it's ugly head soon.
The floor is still bare, BUT I did find a belt sander! I will have to evaccuate the house though when I begin, because it's soooo loud and obnoxious. I think it will take a while, but it will be nice when I'm done. My goal is to be finished sanding by Thanksgiving so when Kort comes home, he and Bri can help me finish the floor :)
So I end today with the quote to help me finish the floor, " We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way." John Holt

Monday, November 5, 2007

oh the Floor..... I am publically apologizing for my excitement and stupidity all in one swipe. I got on a hardwood kick and decided that our nasty dog pee carpet had to go to reveal the beautiful hardwood underneath. I did some research (pulled the edges up) to find that it LOOKED good all around and would probably be the same throughout (Hello!) Sooooo WITH my husband's permission mind you, I decided to rip up the carpet during nap time. He did warn me however of the consequences and I believe the phrase, "do you know what you're getting yourself into" crossed his lips many times. But, with my stubborness and always wanting to do things RIGHT AWAY, I continued on my quest for beautiful hardwood floors. Much to my dismay (but not suprise) half way through the grueling tack strip ripping, I found a lovely 3x3 plywood square smack dab in the middle of the floor, along with tons of water damage and a few planks missing around the edges. " marriage is over" I thought. Not over, but after much barking between spouses, I realized I should have waited.
Now the fun begins.....The bad news.....I am soley responsible for sanding, stripping and re-finishing the floor with funds that I'm not sure how I will come up with. ( I heard online organ donation works) The good's not THAT bad and can be done AND I'm still married.
Sooooo if you happen to read this and want to send a care package containing a belt sander, feel free!!! Lesson: Always listen to your husband (well, most of the time)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Coffee is my friend

Glorious sleeeeeep! Brody slept 8 hours last night (this might be a record folks) Praise the Lord!! I feel like a new woman, but I still have to have my morning cup of addiction (as my husband so lovingly calls it) I think I deserve one or two guilty pleasures right? I'm the one getting up in the middle of the night and living through thirty minute power naps. I would have to say that coffee ranks up there with chocolate, bubble baths and ten minutes of peace and girly magazines.
Last night Lonnie and I took the boys to Connect, a group for young couples in our church with young kids. It was so much fun and Baylor behaved himself so well! If you give him new toys, he could sit there for hours entertaining himself. I'm starting to see myself in him a lot....very independant and strong willed. I'm sure I'll kick myself later for that strong willed part, but just think....a strong willed, independant spitfire on fire for the Lord someday. That is my ultimate goal with these boys. To raise two (or more...we'll see) strong, resectful, loving, polite boys who love the Lord more than anything in the world. What a great goal, eh? I hope I can do it.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Why my boys don't sleep....

Okay, let's try this again.....the blog thing. After much anticipation from adoring fans of the blog, I will try this blog again...while listening to the screams of Brody in protest of his nap. I think to myself, " what a great subject for my first blog!" What subject you ask? MY KIDS DON'T SLEEP!!!!
As the proud mother of two amazing boys, Baylor (2) and Brody (3 months) I am still confused as ever as to why my boys don't like sleeping. I've read every book, article, talked with every mom and grandma and scoured the internet in search of what I'm doing wrong. When Baylor was a baby, he took 30 minute naps and now Brody is following in the footstepts of his brother!! They just don't want to sleep, they want to be awake and enjoying life I guess. I guess I'll have to wait in great anticipation for the day when they decide that sleeping is cool. Until then, I sit by piles of hair, that I'm pulling out with frustration!!!!