Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Now having two boys, I get to use the phrase, "the boys are ____" fill in the blank. Right now, at this glorious time, I will use the phrase, "THE BOYS ARE NAPPING!" with much joy and excitement because it happens so rarely. I know I will jinx myself now that I have uddered those marvelous words. Brody is starting to take longer naps, still with a little crying and fussing in between, but I can handle that. Baylor is still (fingers crossed) taking one nap in the afternoon between one and two hours. I tried to lay down, but it failed. I think there is a small midget inside my brain that keeps scribbling and jotting down all the things I want to, need to and haven't done. These brief moments when I get to lay down always prove to be my most creative, but unfortunaly I don't get sleep. Sleep is for the weak.
November has blown in like a angry lion. It's freeeezing in our house that we're trying to keep at 60 degrees so we don't have to take our a small loan to pay for the heating bill. The yard is covered in random recyclables, the sandbox cover, Baylor's shovel and the neighbors garabage can. Fortunatly, all of the leaves have blown into one section of the yard so it will be easy for handy man Lonnie to vaacume them up. The trees are very much naked but the grass is still green and hanging on for dear life. I love fall, but I think winter will be rearing it's ugly head soon.
The floor is still bare, BUT I did find a belt sander! I will have to evaccuate the house though when I begin, because it's soooo loud and obnoxious. I think it will take a while, but it will be nice when I'm done. My goal is to be finished sanding by Thanksgiving so when Kort comes home, he and Bri can help me finish the floor :)
So I end today with the quote to help me finish the floor, " We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way." John Holt

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