Sunday, November 4, 2007

Coffee is my friend

Glorious sleeeeeep! Brody slept 8 hours last night (this might be a record folks) Praise the Lord!! I feel like a new woman, but I still have to have my morning cup of addiction (as my husband so lovingly calls it) I think I deserve one or two guilty pleasures right? I'm the one getting up in the middle of the night and living through thirty minute power naps. I would have to say that coffee ranks up there with chocolate, bubble baths and ten minutes of peace and girly magazines.
Last night Lonnie and I took the boys to Connect, a group for young couples in our church with young kids. It was so much fun and Baylor behaved himself so well! If you give him new toys, he could sit there for hours entertaining himself. I'm starting to see myself in him a lot....very independant and strong willed. I'm sure I'll kick myself later for that strong willed part, but just think....a strong willed, independant spitfire on fire for the Lord someday. That is my ultimate goal with these boys. To raise two (or more...we'll see) strong, resectful, loving, polite boys who love the Lord more than anything in the world. What a great goal, eh? I hope I can do it.

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chris wilke said...

that goal sounds wonderful! heh- and i thought this blog was just going to be about coffee...