Monday, November 26, 2007

Could I be more selfish...

Many apologies. I read my last post and decided that I was being pretty selfish about the money thing. It could be worse and we have SOOOO much to be thankful for it's not even funny. We'll pay the bills (slowly and on time) and suck it up. God will provide!! We have a house, health, food on our table and we get to buy our family Christmas gifts.

So I'm finished with Christmas gifts...finished this morning in my underwear (like I said I would) after realizing they were on inside out and my socks didn't match. That my friends, is also a side effect of lack of sleep. It's realllllly hitting me hard this morning. I even busted out the espresso machine I got last Christmas from Lonnie. I did let Brody cry last night and he put himself back to sleep for another hour and a half (hey! progress!!) I even got to shower before 1pm today and use my new shampoo AND shave my legs. I was contemplating growing the hair long enough to braid but only for about two seconds. (not like you really needed to hear that information) Hey, the french do it...why not us Americans...think how much time, water and shaving cream we'd save?

Well it's Monday. This week is pretty empty except band on Thursday and a play date at our house on Friday. I do however, have mounds of laundry (still can't figure out where it all comes from) to wash and put away. My darling lovely husband has a large pile (actually many large piles) around the house to pick up. What is it with men and piles (and I'm not just talking about the kind left in the toilet) I find them everywhere!!! Hidden, on the coffee table, on the toilet seat, in the bed, on the dresser....Lonnie has to be king of piles :) I still love him though.

Baylor is up from his nap and Brody will soon follow....and we're off to the library to find new bedtime books and a dvd that we'll watch about 56 times in a row. This will be my only trip out of the house today (except walking to the mailbox) so I need to go make myself pretty :)

By the way, know anyone who wants a beagle...or two? I love my dogs dearly, but they've been super naughty, eating Baylor's food right off of his plate and peeing on the carpet IN FRONT OF ME!!!!! I want them to be happy so if you know anyone who would love them, let me know.

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PhilD said...

Glad to see that... well I think that... you might be... Okay, I will assume you are in a good mode despite it all. :-) And yes, I think the pile thing is also a guy thing. Hey, I like the Christmas picture, talk about one big happy family! ;-) BTW, the red for Brody's stats on the right is really hard on the eyes, at least mine. As usual, thanks for sharing and feel free to crash our house if you really really need to get out. :-)