Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Floor=done and Turkey day is coming

Yippeeeee! I finished staining the floor this morning and the boys and I are at house to escape the fumes. Hopefully it will be dry by the time we get home tonight. We're having pizza tonight with my parent's bible study, Kort and Bri. I think my mother secretly is following us around the house cleaning up after Baylor. It's been a long time since a toddler has spent the day at her nice clean house :) Just wait, he's just begun. He's managed to find the paper shredder, remotes and escape through the sliding glass door already this morning.

Right now, Baylor is asleep in my old bed....and he's stayed there! Which happens to be a minor miracle in itself. He's on his way to big boy bed land....someday. I'm not even going to talk about Brody...just two words...five times.

Turkey day is approaching. I am mentally preparing myself for the onslaught of waistline/hair/appearance/weight comments that will be coming from my mom's side of the family. " oh, you look like you've almost lost that baby weight..." or " Do you really want to eat that?" and , " I shouldn't...I just worked out." Listen people, if I had the time, energy and the right sports bra, I would be running a marathon right now.
They don't really mean to do it, it's just in their blood. Apparently if you're not 6 feet and 135 pounds, you suck. I'm perfectly happy with my stumpiness and I will eat mashed potatoes until they come out my ears.

Tomorrow is pie day. Let the pie making fun begin.


PhilD said...

LOL, you would love my extended family in rural Tennessee! I am pretty sure none of them could tell you what a marathon. I expect any of them could also eat you under the table with mashed potatoes. Then do me anyway. Anyway, I hope it isn't that bad for you and you find a way to have tons of fun regardless. :-)

cspiall99 said...

That was Hi-Larious. You know no one would make that kind of comment in Mt. Vernon, IL. Okay maybe just some other strange comment :) Hope you get your turkey filling nonetheless. Tell Lon I said hola!