Monday, November 19, 2007

Germs are bad

"Germs are icky, me no like germs" says Baylor. I thought we were through the woods with our stomach bug, but Lonnie came down with it Saturday night. I went OCD and proceeded to bleach any hard surface in our house in hopes that the boys won't get it. (you can pray they don't!!) Needless to say it's been a very trying weeked. I got to play nurse, mom, maid, contractor (still working on the floor!!) and cook all at once. That is what I love doing though :) No one said this mommy thing was easy.

For those of you keeping score...Brody is still waking up three-five times a night and not napping. I'm ready to burn all of the baby sleep books in a ritual fire and dance around it cursing. Any tips, prayers or hard liqour would be appreciated.

Bri, Kort's girlfriend and Kort are here for the week. I'm very excited to have another female around and to get to know her better. She is great (what I've seen so far) and Baylor has fallen in love with her already. So he'd better keep her around.

Goals for the week: Get Christmas shopping done or almost done, decorate house with holiday cheer, clean clean clean, finish the freaking floor, make a pie or two for Thanksgiving and RELAX. I know the last one will be almost utterly impossible, but I thought I'd give it a try.

We're looking forward to traveling to Mt.Vernon Illinois for Christmas to see Lonnie's family. Some of them haven't met Brody yet and we're excited to share him with them.

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