Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A glimpse into the future

I know it's wayyyyyy early to be talking about another kiddo, but I got a glimpse of what it might be like today. I watched Josiah Dean for a few hours while his mom went to the dentist. Granted, he was very well behaved and just played the entire time. It did give me a chance to contemplate adding another bambino to the Speidel househould in the future...key word being future. It wasn't too bad, feeding two toddlers lunch and holding Brody...then feeding Brody while they played blocks. It would be a huge financial jump though...new car (little Carolla wouldn't hold three carseats) new house (no way in heck I'm putting three kids in one very small room) diapers, food, etc. Since it is in the far away future, if at all, prayer is the only thing to do right now.

We're off tonight to get flu shots...fun for all...or not so much. Lonnie refused to get one, until I threatened him with gory details and made him feel guilty about the health of his children. Hopefully, Baylor will be okay...I know it makes your arm hurt for a while after you get it. I warned him in advance and he knows what's coming. We might have to make a Dairy Queen run after the pain has been inflicted. Poor Brody, all he gets is milk...wonder if you can make breast milk ice cream? Just kidding.

It's freezing in here...but this is the beginning of keeping the house at a chilly 60 degrees during the day and 58 at night to save moola. I have invested in some nice warm socks, slippers and hooded sweatshirts for all.

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PhilD said...

And we greatly appreciate you watching Josiah!! I am glad he put on his, "be nice to others" face for you. Believe it or not, he can be a stinker.

I pretty sure I would want a DQ run! Kim is still debating the flu shot. Neither of us are huge fans of it. This might help with the cold though. :-) http://cozywinters.com/shop/wg-hpl.html