Saturday, November 24, 2007

God will provide

I would have to say that one of the worst feelings in the world is not being able to pay your medical bills...or any bill for that matter, off right away. The next worse feeling is feeling the stress from your husband as he opens yet another medical bill (seriously, where do these things come from!?) Granted, I feel very responsible for 95% of the medical bills in the house ( you can blame the other 5% on Brody) but I did need that biopsy to make sure I'd make it to next Christmas. Praise the Lord it came back negative, but don't you think they should say, "congrats, you don't have cancer and we'd like to pay your bill because we caused you enormous amounts of pain!" Our health care system is seriously flawed, I'm not sure who to blame, I'd just like some help with these stinkin bills.

BUT....God will provide. We've been in this boat before. Just when we have our budget figured out and we are working towards paying off things...wham! Another bill in the mail. I'd like to kick whoever sends these things......and right before Christmas?! C'mon people. BUT...God will provide. It's having the faith and courage to trust that HE will come through in tough times. I'd love prayer.....not for me, but for Lonnie. I know how stressed out money issues make him and it makes our relationship tougher and I hate seeing him in anguish about money. I have a peace about it, but I'm not the one working hard to make the money. I do however, get to be blessed to stay at home, the best gift in the entire world.

On a happier note. I took Baylor shopping today for a new coat (shhh don't tell Brody) and boots. Found the coat on sale, but the boots were crazy expensive and the toy train was much more fun. I've also finished 80% of my Christmas shopping, decorated the house, made the Christmas cards and not killed anyone in the process. Pat on the back for me :) Have a good Sunday. ....wait, it's Saturday...that's what happens when you are up six times at night!!!!


Kristine Koser said...

You are a very Blessed young Lady!! To know that God Will provide. That is the peace that only God can give! THAT is the blessing

Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

Even when your world seems completely haywire, it's a wonderful feeling to know that He is in control! I'm sorry for your struggles.