Wednesday, November 7, 2007

It's go time

Tomorrow, as I venture into the outside world (haven't been out of the house since Sunday) my husband has to suck it up and take care of not one, but BOTH boys. I have faith in him and know he can do it, but I'm still very nervous about leaving him and Brody. He tends to get distracted by the idiot box and Baylor tends to find Brody's face in these rare moments of irresponsibility. I am going to band, not to play yet, but to sort music and listen to their run through for the upcoming competition (USOpen). I miss my cornet dearly and can't seem to find a time where someone isn't sleeping or Brody isn't crying because of loud noises.
Brody is still napping like a weirdo, I wish he's condense his afternoon naps into one very long one. He is trying to roll over from back to front and is grabbing things now. It's great to gaze into his eyes and have him try to touch your face. Baylor keeps on cracking us up with his phrases and words and antics. He is so animated.

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