Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lonnie vs. Bambi

Score: Lonnie 1, Bambi 0......minus a headlight and dented driver side door. Praise God he wasn't driving our little Corolla or it could have been Lonnie 0, Bambi 1. He was on his way back from the regional cross country meet in Minnesota and was driving 75 on the highway in the 15 passenger van when Bambi decided to head-butt the driver's side. Luckily, no one was hurt except for the headlight. So be careful when driving at night, it's rutting season and Bambi is looking for love.

Brody was still up two times last tired!!! If I can just get him to settle back down the first waking (usually at 4 hours) he would sleep much longer. He's done it before, I know he can do it. It stinks because he's in our room and I hear every grunt, groan, toot and sniffle. I don't want to let him cry too much because he'll wake Baylor. Lonnie sleeps through anything so I'm not worried about him. I know it's a season in my life of not getting sleep, but it really does wear on you. He does give me huge smiles when I get him though, which makes waking up to feed him much more enjoyable. He got his first "haircut" last night and looks much more grown up without his crazy long flyaway side hairs. He's also starting to get fathead like his brother did :) I'll take that as a sign of intellegence.

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PhilD said...

:-) Parents take most things as a sign of intelligence! I know I do anyway. Glad Lonnie made it back safe. As for sleep, well pretty soon delirium sets in and you are perfectly okay with it. Hopefully things get better before then though.