Friday, November 9, 2007

Ode to Goodwill

Hallelujah...time to myself. Kim and Kim watched the boys this morning while I got to steal a few moments to myself to listen to adult music and drink coffee at a slow pace. It's a great deal we have going on, every Friday we meet at a different house and one mom gets to leave her kids and get the heck out of dodge for a few hours and then the next week it changes. This week was my week....believe me, I've been looking forward to it for weeks...been planning my escape. SOoooooooo where did I go? My favorite store of all time. Goodwill.

Goodwill rocks my socks off. I found a leather coat, stellar green leather purse, gap jeans, new adidas jogging pants, jcrew turtleneck, gap shirt and calvin klein shirt (oh yes, and a toy for Baylor) all for under $25 buckaroos. I don't know if people realize the treasures you can find. I could have probably spent the entire day digging and searching for bargains, but I had to get back to the boys. They were good...only one trip to the "naughty chair" for Baylor and Brody actually slept about an hour.

We came home to a package from Gramma Speidel full of fun new toys for Baylor and some clothes (Thanks so much gramma S) Baylor wouldn't take a nap without half of the cars piled high in his bed, but hey...whatever works. Lonnie gone until Saturday night.....pray for much sleep and sanity while I battle the boys alone :)

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