Friday, November 30, 2007


Funny how I look forward to Friday even though it's just like every other day. It's not like I get to take a break on the weekend, however amazingly awesome that may sound. I think it's just the fact that Friday means Saturday is tomorrow, which means I might see Lonnie a little more than in the morning and maybe I can escape for some time to myself. In college it was, "sweet, it's Friday, party classes tomorrow!" when we had no kids it was, "sweet, it's Friday, I can sleep until noon tomorrow!" now it's like, "sweet, it's Friday, I made it through the week without hurting anyone or selling a child!" :) I was hoping to coax Lonnie into having a date night for us tomorrow night, but it looks like we might get snow...and rain, and sleet and ice! I'm super excited about sledding this year, I'm all about freaking Baylor out with a huge hill and giving him a little plastic sled and seeing where he ends up. We had a great sledding hill at our house, except you ended up in the woods in a pile of brush or rocks. I only gashed my head one time and had one concuscion, but no stitches!! It's not real sledding unless you can bob and weave your way through trees and large sharp rocks.
All of my Christmas card photos are here and all of my gifts have arrived through the mail! I found out that Baylor likes to unwrap presents even though they are not his....we'll have to be hiding them until the big day arrives. He was more interested in what the wrapping paper came on than the present itself...I guess I should take back that toy train set and get him a box.


Philip said...

Boxes rock!! That too is a guy thing I think! I always thought it was "Sweet, it's Friday, tomorrow I will have 8 hours to do 30 hours of projects instead of just 2!" Then again, maybe it is just me. :-) Happy Friday!

Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

Yeah for sledding and snow, too! It's snowing/sleeting right now in Fort Dodge and we're getting ready to start the fireplace and cozy up!