Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Things I'm thankful for

Pie day has arrived. Actually it's not pie day until I finish cleaning, laundering and putting furniture back where it goes....then pie day can offically start. It's a sad pie day because I only get to make one pie. I am however, eating my high fiber cereal right now in preperation for the onslaught of calories to be consumed tomorrow.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I am compiling a list of things that I'm thankful for. It's more like a long sentance of thankfullness. Of Course I'm thankful for everything God has blessed me with, especially my loving husband and beautiful healthy (although sleepless) boys, for having a roof over our heads and food (even if it's mac and cheese ) to eat, for families (both sides of mine are fantastic...a little crazy, but fantastic) silicone spoonulas (they are an amazing invention people) Earplugs (for crying babies and snoring husbands) yoplait thick and creamy yogurt (that's my nickname...thick and creamy) Our trusty Corolla that will be hitting 100,000 miles soon and (knock on wood) still runs great, for baby monitors with an off switch, swiffer sweepers, Goodwill baby!, our health (minus the puking), everytime we think we can't make it through the month and God provides, for obnoxious yet loveable brothers, for living close to my mom ( I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing that is!), for soft water (we don't have it, but when I get to take a shower with soft water...silky baby, silky), my new glasses! ( I can see again) Heat (although we may need to take out a small loan or sell organs to keep the house warm this winter, I am thankful for the highway robbery) My insanly retarted cute annoying snuggly pissing dogs (yes, I love them even though I want to drop kick them 98% of the time) , For the moments like this when both boys are napping...well, Brody is crying but Baylor is napping and for this blog which has suprisingly kept me sane these past few weeks. Amen...I mean, the end. I love you all and I'm VERY THANKFUL for you!!!

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PhilD said...

Amen indeed. Well, my list would be a little different, but it is amazing how God has blessed each of us. It is nice to take time out and just observe a little. We have so much that most don't and we are just as undeserving as anyone else. Hope you enjoyed baking your pies. Kim and I sure did!