Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What day is it?

When you wake up and realize you have no idea what day it know you need more sleep. This too will pass....someday Brody will like sleeping through the night!!! My arm hurts like crazy from the flu shot, but I'd rather have that pain then influenza. It's one of those looks-like-snow-but-isn't-going-to-snow-days....kind of gloomy and gray. I need snow to make December seem official...I'm not talking wimpy flurries, I'm talking 8-10 inches of the white stuff.

So Baylor has started this new thing where he grunts and gets all angry and says, 'ahhhhrrhg okay fine!" HOLY COW!!! Where did he get that from? Ummmmm that would be me when I'm talking to our dogs!! He sees me get angry at them for eating his toys, eating his food or peeing on the bed ( yes, I said peeing on the bed...that's a whole nother story!) and thinks it's okay. So the lesson that I learned is that I must control my raging anger at the dogs until he's out of the room. They say toddler's soak up so much and watch everything and I know Baylor does!! I just have to be more careful about my reactions to things, even if it's a simple grunt or groan in frustration. He showed us how to do jumping jacks last night on the bed, I thought I was going to fall over laughing. He kind of looked like a rabid monkey. We're still working on the potty thing, but he wants nothing to do with it and is actually quite amused to watch himself pee....on the floor...or in the bathtub...NOT the potty. I refuse to force him if he's not ready though, it's one battle I will not fight.

We're starting to plan our escape to Mt.Vernon Illinois for the Holidays. We're renting a minivan (go soccer mom!) and staying at a hotel this time for sanity's sake. It's great to be with family, but they can only take so much of us :) This way, we'll all get sleep...well, at least Lonnie and Baylor will. We've never been in one room before, even if it's technically a "suite" it probably won't drown out crying baby. Everyone is very excited to go though, especially Baylor.

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PhilD said...

Amen to the 8-10 inch snow fall!! I love snow!! I realize we may be the minority but hey! As for the dogs? Well..... bummer. :-) Not sure there is much to say there. The Rabid monkey thing sounds fun though. Hopefully your trip (and the planning) will go smoothly!