Friday, November 2, 2007

Why my boys don't sleep....

Okay, let's try this again.....the blog thing. After much anticipation from adoring fans of the blog, I will try this blog again...while listening to the screams of Brody in protest of his nap. I think to myself, " what a great subject for my first blog!" What subject you ask? MY KIDS DON'T SLEEP!!!!
As the proud mother of two amazing boys, Baylor (2) and Brody (3 months) I am still confused as ever as to why my boys don't like sleeping. I've read every book, article, talked with every mom and grandma and scoured the internet in search of what I'm doing wrong. When Baylor was a baby, he took 30 minute naps and now Brody is following in the footstepts of his brother!! They just don't want to sleep, they want to be awake and enjoying life I guess. I guess I'll have to wait in great anticipation for the day when they decide that sleeping is cool. Until then, I sit by piles of hair, that I'm pulling out with frustration!!!!

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