Monday, December 31, 2007

Life's little laughs and letting God go first

Ha! Laughing makes you life longer did you know that? My day has already been filled with little and big laughs, I want to share them with you so that maybe you can laugh too.

1. After promptly downing my morning coffee, I was pleasantly suprised to find an army guy at the bottom of my cup and a two year old grinning from ear to ear across the room.

2. Baylor was finger painting this morning and decided it should no longer be finger painting, but hand clapping!!! If you can imagine a toddler face covered with blue, red and yellow finger paint splashes...priceless. I didn't yell, I grabbed the camera!!

3. I managed to burn my knuckle, cut my leg shaving and run into the corner of the bed all within five minutes of each other. (not so funny, but if you saw me you'd laugh)

4. After enjoying a long hot shower, I went to put on my new men's deoderant (trust me, it smells way better and works better too!) and looked at the name on it.... it was called "men's stick." Now that's a hoot, rubbing that under your arm every day :)

5. I went to sit down for my five minutes of computer time this afternoon and was going to grab the carrots and thought to myself....don't start that diet yet! Then grabbed two cookies instead...I love sugar!!! I have one more day until I TRY (key word being try) to give some of my sugar away.

6. Last night after Baylor's bath, I wrapped him in a towel and he went prancing into the other room where is very manly father was laying and proudly proclaimed that, " look dad, I'm a princess!" ha ha ha That will teach you to push manly things on your kid.

I'm sure there will be more giggles to come since the day isn't over, but these stuck out to me the most.
On a more serious spiritual note. I was reading My Utmost for His Highest this morning and it was of course the last entry in the book. It talked about how we have to let God go ahead of us! I want to leave you with a quote from the book and have a great New Year! let God go ahead of you.

" As we go forth into the coming year, let it not be in the haste of impetuous, unremembering delight, nor with the flight of impulsive thoughtlessness, but with the power that the God of Israel will GO BEFORE US. Our yesterday's present irreparable things to us; it is true that we have lost opportunities which will never return, but God can transform this desructive anxiety into constructive thoughtfullness for the future. Let the past sleep, but let it sleep on the bosom of Christ. Leave the irreparable past in His hands, and step out into the irresistible future with Him!"

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just breathe...

I've been thinking about new year's resolutions today. I know everyone does them and most of the time they're all the same...drop some weight, make more money, get my "six pack" back, have more sex...or maybe not. I'll enlighten you later with my list of resolutions, but thinking about that list made me realize how much I need to relax. If I could tattoo a word on my forehead so I when I looked in the mirror, something I don't usually enjoy (especially in the morning after not sleeping) it would have to be RELAX. Being a mom, I take myself too seriously sometimes...okay, most of the time. I worry about the silliest things and don't feel like the day went well unless my kids slept, my house is spotless and Lonnie liked what I made for dinner. The world will not come to an end if the house isn't clean, Brody only slept a half hour and the casserole for dinner was slightly on the rubber side. I want to be fun and I want my family to enjoy being around me and I want to quit stressing over silly things. Life is way too short for that!!! I want to not feel quilty about staying in my sweatpants until noon (and secretly doing the sweatpants dance in the kitchen) Instead, today I resolve to breathe more, relax and enjoy my children (and husband too!) They grow up way too fast, Brody is rolling over now and starting to crawl!! Before I know it, he'll be running (not walking, my kids go from crawling to running!) It's okay that my house is messy sometimes....and I let Baylor watch three veggie tales in a row and that Brody stayed in his P.J's the entire day. It's okay!!!

I did however make one heck of a carrot cake today. That, unfortunaly, is one of my resolutions...less baking, more veggies!! I have a baking problem, it's a stress reliever and something I've enjoyed doing for years with my mother.

Friday, December 28, 2007

S'cuse you

He may not be the best behaved two year old at play dates, but he's the most polite :) So after he tackles someone, he helps them back up and says sorry. This morning Baylor gently informed his father (after burping at the table) that he was "scused" Then he asked to be "be s'cused please" which translates from toddler-ese to "may I please be excused." So all of the nagging and drilling on please, thank you and excuse me is working! Now we need to work on the physical contact and sharing.

I absent mindedly left Brody and Baylor in the same room this morning for a brief second (bad idea) We usually play this fun game called "hide the baby, " so Baylor can't do any harm to Brody. I walked into the room to see Baylor sitting on Brody's head with his arms flailing wildly and a muffled squeal coming from his mouth. Brody was fine and Baylor said he was just "hugging, " his brother. If that is hugging, I'd hate to see what wrestling is.

It snowed about three more inches this morning (the road is still not plowed by the way...) so that makes almost a foot of snow and ice on the ground. I constructed a t-rex and brontosaurus in the front yard with some of the snow. They have attracted quite a crowd so I'm thinking of charging admission. It's fun to watch the dogs play in the snow because Macey is too short and the snow comes up to her neck and she tries to run but fails miserably. I looks like I'll have to take my two foot shovel out and start shoveling again!! I'm working on my abs :)

p.s Lonnie wants me to tell you what I had for lunch today, so I will. I downed three grilled/toasted cheese sandwhiches (yes, three) and tomato soup. For some reason he finds that incredible and I just find it spectacular...I love grilled cheese.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dear Lisbon snowplow drivers,

Dearest Lisbon snowplow drivers,

I'm writing you this sweet note to inform you that, while shoveling THE STREET this morning with my miniature 2 foot snow shovel, you drove past my snowed in mailbox/street/curb four times and neglected to plow. I know you saw me because I was wearing neon purple eighties gloves and a bright yellow hat and I have a cute butt. I just wanted you to check your vision because clearly there is a section of street (yes, main street) that has not been plowed properly and happens to be RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY MAILBOX. I applaud your hard work and dedication to clearing the streets, especially in front of the bars, but wondered if you could shimmy your cute little red snowplow down and actually plow in front of my house. I now have carpal tunnel and a sore back from the hour of heavy snow lifting I did this morning while you watched from your truck....all it would have taken was one swipe of the plow. I mean this in the most sarcastic and sincere way possible, and while you're at it....tell the mailman he can deliver mail to us now becuase there is a nice shoveled off space for him to drive, no thanks to you.

Lots of love,
Snow shovel goddess

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Home Sweeeeeeet Home!

Oh, glorious home! (and in one piece I might add...thanks dogs!) We came home to eight inches of snow though and had to dig our poor Corolla out of the street. It was great to be home, but we had fun (minus the car ride and lack of sleep) seeing family and hanging with the grandparents. Baylor and Brody are sure spoiled with gifts!!!! Today we put away Christmas decorations, overhauled the toys/clothes/junk in the house and made two huge Goodwill bags. We came to the conclusion that we have too much "stuff"!!!!! Where does all this come from? (two guesses.....yup, the two grandmas) We also set up Baylor's "big boy" bed. Slowly and surely we'll move Brody out of our room and into the room with Baylor. He just has to start sleeping better at night (which could be another six months......grrrrr)

Christmas was great, we had fun at home watching Baylor find his new train set under the tree. Lonnie and I struggled to set it up the night before....we were both huddled under the tree in stitches because two grown adults couldn't put together a simple wooden train set. My parents came up for ham and taters and nasty cornbread stuffing (mistake on my part) We're ready to get back into the schedules and swing of things again. Baylor is happy (for now) with his new toys and he loves his new easel and wants to draw "monsters" all the time.

Thank you to our family for putting up with us and all of the marvelous gifts!! We're truly blessed to have such a generous and loving family. It was great to see all of them, even if it was brief. Ta ta for now...Baylor and I are having a Mac' n Cheese date at the kitchen table while Brody and daddy snooze.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Things I've learned....

First of all, I want to apologize to my fans for any negativity and grumpiness that may have been sensed in the tone of my "writing" Not to make excuses, but traveling with kids is not one of my favorite activities and using humor and sarcasm is my way of dealing with stress.

We're on our last day here in Mt.Vernon, Illinois and it's been quite the adventure so far!! I've learned a lot of things while down here in mullet land (sorry guys, I had to get one mullet joke in!) and I wanted to share them with you.
1. When traveling with kids, bring lots of Tylenol PM, earplugs and Veggie Tales DVD's (and a spare wooden spoon or straight jacket)
2. I overpacked...BUT it's better to be overpacked then underpacked...I think.
3. We are so blessed as a family to even be able to take this trip, we got to rent a soccer mom car (still don't like minivan's but the space is pretty nice!) and we stayed at a hotel (yes, all in one room, but they did it in the old days, we can do it for a few nights)
4. Lonnie's family is so amazingly happy and generous it's wonderful. Many of them don't have a lot to give, but they give anyways and are always thoughtful with every gift they give.
5. No matter what happens, if the boys don't nap or don't sleep, it's not the end of the world (even though it sucks big time)
6. All family (mine included) is like fudge...sweet but sometimes has a few nuts :) and I mean that in the nicest most polite way possible
7. Never give a two year old cake before bed
8. The true reason we celebrate Christmas is not for the presents or the lights or the wrapping. It's to celebrate the birth of Christ! Who was brought into this world to be a sacrifice for all of us sinners. We need to celebrate his birth!

It's homeward bound tomorrow! Hopefully the dogs haven't destroyed the house :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jackhammer Guy

If you have kids, then you know that packing for a trip is an adventure within itself. You have to be preapred for anything and the inevitable, "what if...." Like, what if Baylor spills something on his clothes (this happens three-five times a day by the way) or what if the hotel room is cold (need extra blankets) or what if Brody decides to have his weekly poo blowout and stains his pj's....the list of what if's goes on and on. Plus, entertainment for a toddler is a must in a confined space (such as a car) Yes...I know I'm not going on a 16 hour car ride like my buddies down the street :) but six hours plus stops is enough for me thank you. I started packing this morning and the pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I am a very organized person and had my list prepared last week, but I keep adding to it and Baylor keeps subtracting from it. I tried to pack some of his favorite toys, but he keeps finding them and dragging them out into the living room. I'm sure we'll get an hour into the trip and he'll start asking for Jackhammer Guy, in which he will have inevitably left on the kitchen table. Let me tell you a little about Jackhammer Guy (J.G) He came in a pack of construction guys like the army guys...little plastic yellow thingys. Baylor fell in love with ONE of the 50 dudes, a guy with a jackhammer. Now, we've had to make trips back to church, strip his bed and go on hour long search and rescue operations all becuase of J.G. It's amazing to me that this two inch plastic dude with a jackhammer holds such a special place in Baylor's heart. I'm thinking of making a special box for him or a neclace that he can wear around his neck, so we never lose him again!! Thanks Jackhammer Guy.

We leave tomorrow morning and will return Sunday night. I'm super excited because Lonnie is taking his laptop with him and the hotel has free high speed internet....yes!!! We have dial up, so it takes a little over twenty minutes to download ONE stinkin photo. So, maybe I'll get a chance to post some more photos.

P.S I'm publically apolgizing to Lonnie for the snoring post :) Even though the contents were COMPLETELY ACCURATE and I almost got a kick to the shin last night when I tried to "gently nudge" him out of sawing logs. I love you honey! :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Snoring Monster

Baylor has this book called The Snoring Moster and I'm going to re-write the title to, Lonnie, The Snoring Moster. When we win the lottery and get to buy a bigger house with more than two bedrooms, I am almost positive that Lonnie will get his own room far far far away from anybody. This is not because he smells or I don't love him, it's because I do believe he resembles a freight train when he snores. It's not a dainty snort, it's a full blown eruption from the nose and the windows shake. I'm still in awe that both of my kids can sleep through this. If I were them, I'd wake up in shear terror of the sounds coming out of the bedroom! I've tried to gently shove him, when really what I want to do is beat him over the head. I've bought those crazy nose strip things, but he refuses to wear them because they "feel weird." Well, sleep is way more important that "feeling weird." Yes, I'm being incredibly selfish, but when you have a baby that doesn't sleep, every second of shut eye is precious. Granted, I am a very light sleeper...someone can look at me and I sit up straight in bed. He's had a cold the last few days and I've banished him to the couch ( I can still hear him though...yes, it's that loud) I don't think this is God's way of punishing me, but it sure feels like it sometimes!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

More snow

....Time to get Baylor ready, boots on, mittens on (with the thumb in the thumb hole), snow pants on, coat and hat on....45 minutes....time spent outside: 5 minutes.....watching him fall on his booty on the ice and then laughing...priceless. It snowed again...did I mention I hate winter now.

Baylor made me laugh this morning as I had a flashback to my childhood. I wasn't what you would call a "difficult" child, just very strong willed. I did however, have this weird thing for tags and seams. I would freak out if the tag on my shirt was touching me and make my mom cut it out and if the seams in my socks weren't right or felt weird...major meltdown. This morning, Baylor had a minor meltdown over the tags on his shirts.....which made me giggle as I snipped the small pieces of fabric from his shirts!! (Yes Mom, I know this is payback)
We made cupcakes yesterday...which was an adventure in itself. I told him he could lick the bowl and I turned around and he had the entire bowl upside down on his head literally licking the bowl. I forgot kids take things very literal and then he proceeded to lick the spatula and then the counter and was going to lick the floor before I stopped him. He licks everything!!

It's Saturday...Lonnie is home...Praise God. What am I going to do with some spare time? I will tell you...shave my legs, take a long HOT shower, put my laundry away (yes, I know that is so exciting!) and eat the new ice cream I bought yesterday (triple chocolate....hooray for chocolate) Tonight is our Christmas concert. Let the band nerdiness continue.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Never give a two year old drumsticks...

...unless you want a fractured knee cap, dents in the wall and loud obnoxious pounding all the time. Okay, so I thought it was a good idea until he actually had them in his hand. He seemed to be excited about music and drums, so a band buddy of mine brought me an old pair of drumsticks...bad idea. First he played the table (not that it can get any worse) and then my knee cap. So if you see me walking with a slight limp, blame Baylor. I've realized that Baylor has totally become a "daddy's boy." He loves his dad so much and can't wait for him to get home. He wants dad to play with him and dad to put him to bed. He still loves mommy, but he's probably sick of me since he sees me all day long. There is still hope for Brody to become a mommy's boy :) at least until he's married....

We had to throw away all the milk/eggs/mayo products in the fridge since the power was out for more than a few hours. I swear it's a conspiracy by Wal-mart to get you to buy more groceries! I had to restock the fridge this morning with dairy products and eggs. I wandered into the toy isle and couldn't help getting excited about giving Baylor presents. We want our kids to grow up appreciating what they have and truly they don't need toys, but it's so much fun to look. Some of these toys however, are stupid and waaaay too expensive. You could give Baylor a box, drumsticks (not reccomended!) and some Dominoes (which I gave in a bought him) and he's be happy for hours. I think we get more excited about the toys than he does. We're trying for a need (like clothes or boots) a want (Thomas the Train and Dinosaurs) and something fun/educational (blocks/books/flashcards) It's so hard not to go overboard on Christmas, especially when you see the reaction and complete joy on his face when he opens a present.

We leave Wednesday for you can start praying for safe travel and sanity with two kiddos in the car...we've never traveled more than an hour and a half and the trip will take about six hours (not counting stops) We might loose our minds or an eye in the process, but we get to see family and that is worth the pain.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Girls have cooties

I've been trying to fight closing my eyes today! I've hit the point of no return with sleep deprevation. I think both boys know when mom wants to take a nap because the moment my head hits the pillow...someone cries. Brody was only up twice last night (much better than every two hours) and we got him some Pepcid for his GERD (gastro esophigial reflux disorder) and they also think he has ulcers in his esophagus (sorry, I can't spell) from the acid splashing back up. It's going to take a few weeks to heal, but hopefully this is the right combination of drugs. I hate putting my children on medicine, especially when they're this young, but he is obviously in pain and not sleeping because of it. I just want him to feel better.

Tonight is band night! Hooray for the nerdiness! Some people have bowling night or girls night....nope, I'm pure dork and have band night. My one night to get out, talk adult talk, put makeup on and play some music. No matter what kind of mood I'm in when I start, I always end up happy when I'm makin music....and banging on pots with spatulas this morning, does not constitute as making music (only to a two year old)

My wonderful friend Jen took Baylor this afternoon, I don't think she knows what she's in for :) But she has a younger daughter Grace, that Baylor likes tackeling or as he likes to call it "huggin" That's right Baylor, when you're in football someday...I don't think your coaches will appreciate you calling it, "huggin." You need to man up and call it what it is....tackeling! We've tried to tell him that wrestling and tackeling are just for fun and should only be done with daddy, but somehow he gets that confused with, "go ahead, knock that girl over" He's already started hugging the girls...we're gonna have to have a talk son. He just bats those baby blues and long eye lashes at them and they come a' runnin....but Baylor knows better, he just knocks them down. He doesn't know that he can't date until he's thirty and kissing makes babies :) Girls have cooties anyways.

p.s I want to apologize for my spelling. The only excuse I can come up with is that I'm an artist and I don't spell, I draw. I also don't follow directions well and that includes "proofreading" the "p" on the computer sticks because I spilled coffee on the keyboard!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Sock war

...she dashed right, I swerved left....she darted under the table, I kicked the table...she ran behind the couch, I moved the couch...she ran upstairs, I went to get the shotgun (just kidding) all of this craziness for one sock. My dog thinks that she is a sneaky booger and likes to eat strange things like Baylor's socks or dirty tissues (she has a weird fetish for snot...don't ask me why) Don't worry, the sock is safe...for now! Anyone want a beagle or two?

Well, we spent the night at Ma and Pa Koser's house last night because we had no electricity....of course Lisbon had electricity, just not our stinkin block. It dropped below 60 degrees in the house and that's when we packed up the kiddos and left. It was an interesting night, Brody was up every two hours (I'm blaming the reflux, we're going back to the Dr today) and Baylor kept waking up at every noise. I swear my parents were bowling last night with all the noise they were making upstairs. It's beautiful outside, but we lost a few tree limbs.

I've come to realize how much Baylor loves playing with me and when I find myself gettin too busy with laundry or cleaning, he gets angry. The other day he told me to stop cleaning and come play!!! That's when you realize the time with your kids is so special and short, soon he won't want to play with me, he'll want me to drop him off a block from his school! So today, the laundry waited and the dishes piled up, but I played cars, drew pictures of dinosaurs and ate popcorn with my son! Much better than chores anyday!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Storm

I thought entertaining a toddler with electricity was hard, but just wait until you take electricity away! We're in Lonnie's office at Cornell because we're without power....and heat....brrrrr. That old house gets mighty cold mighty fast. We thought Baylor could use some time to run around, instead he wants to draw on the dry erase board. We were hit with a big ice storm this morning and last night. It's beautiful, but the trees can't handle all the weight of the ice. Hopefully the electricity will be on very soon, or we'll be headed to North Liberty for some heat! I'll try to post some photos from the storm when we have power. Stay warm!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

All I want for Christmas is.....

....a toddler who doesn't throw fits and more than three hours of sleep in a row!! And of course world peace, my two front teeth and maybe a massage.

So Brody is still fussy and I can tell he's in pain after he eats. He arches his back and cries. So we are trying another medicine, hopefully this one will work. It's a little more tricky than the last one because you have to give it a half hour before they eat. So, night time is out, but during the day should work. It helps to reduce acid and help the milk go down faster, leaving less time to splash back up for reflux. I actually took the same medicine when I was a kid for my tummy problems. He may have his father's face, but he has my stomach.

I'm off to my first, "appointments" tonight. My parents and their neighbors. I hope it goes well, I'm pretty nervous about it. We also got our first winter heating bill....all I have to say is OUCH and I'll be turning the thermostat down and bundling everyone up in layers.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Snot Factory

Well, if you don't talk about your kid's poo, you'll be talking about their snot. Which is precisely what I am talking about today. Brody is a snot factory. Besides waking up every two hours last night (I didn't turn the light on) he woke this morning with boogers caked to his face, hair and was hilarious for me but I'm sure painful for him. I broke out the ever so popular nasal aspirator or as we mommies like to call it, "THE BOOGER SUCKER." It strikes fear into the hearts and noses of our little ones, they cringe when they see that enormous green bulbous thing approaching their nasal cavities!!! But it rocks...does the job quite well and despite the crying, I'm sure he'd thank me if he could for allowing him to breathe again.

I'm playing hookie from church this morning, staying home with snot man. Lonnie took Baylor so the house is quiet...WHOA!! Got to run, it's shower time...HOORAY!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

A new day

Greetings from Tantrum Central. Just kidding. It's actually much better today folks, because Brody is sleeping (must be the shots) and Baylor and I got to spend some quality time together. I am beginning to realize why my mother laughs and says, " you so deserve Baylor." I must have been a handful....actually I know I was a "strong willed child," as they like to say. Why don't they just say, "man, you were a pain in the rear kid."

Baylor has entered the everything is what I say stage. Like when I say, "Baylor, that snow is white," he's like, "No it's blue." and when I say, "wow, it's a stegosaurus" he lovingly says, "nope, it's a taradachtal." (trust me the kid knows his dinosaurs) But, that is what I love about his character and his personality. He knows when to test mom and when I'm most vulnerable. We've sat on the naughty chair twice today and got two spankings, but he is learning and Lonnie and I are committed to raising our children the way God wants. He did say that he loves baby Jesus today and that made me smile.

Brody is running a low grade fever from his shots and is super cranky. They think he has reflux because of his not wanting to nurse and arching his back. He was put on liquid zantc, which has to be the nastiess stuff I've ever tasted. We tried mixing it with breastmilk and he kind of drinks it, but when we tried to give it to him stright came right back up in my mom's lap. This kid could win a contest for longest projectile puking. He is acting like he's in pain, but the kid hasn't pooped in four days!!! I'm waiting for the big blowout shortly. I'm armed with oxyclean and tons of wipes :) Just in case you're reading this and you don't have'll someday understand that most of your adult conversations will revolve around you child's poop. What color it is...when it comes, how it comes and how you get it out of clothes. The harder you try to fight not talking about poo, the worse it gets :) So embrace the poo. (of course, not literally!!) Have a delightful Saturday.

Friday, December 7, 2007

One of those days

I've alwasy wondered how those mom's of screaming tantrum throwing toddlers did it because Baylor seemed to be beyond that stage.....until this morning!!! He threw his first big throw himself on the floor kicking and screaming and crying fit and let me tell you it was UGLY. My patience with the kiddo was already thin after a chase across the Dr's office parking lot and down the hallway when Brody was getting his shots. (He weighs 15 lbs now...with sexy thunder thighs!) By this time, I wanted to scream and pull out any exisiting we went to the Dean's for a playdate that was suppossed to be fun, but towards the end the spankin spoon came out and so did the monster of toddler. I couldn't apologize enough to everyone, but they assured me that they've already seen it and not to worry. It continued throughout the entire car ride home and into the house and then the kitchen and then the living room. It stopped for a brief second and then started again when I went to take off his coat....he wanted it ON! Now, Lonnie is on his way to a coaches clinic and I'm about to send Baylor with him ( I'm not quite sure they allow kids at these things :) It finally subsided after about two hours. I'm not even quite sure how to handle it. Do I ignore him and walk away or discipline him and teach him a lesson? I don't want to react with anger, but that was my first instinct. I had to take many deep breaths, talk calmly to him and figure out what the heck was wrong. I am praying it's because he was super tired from playing two hours in the snow last night with dad. Anyways, I put him down for his nap and went to consume much chocolate, that always helps me :) Lonnie is gone until tomorrow evening and my first "appointment" re-scheduled, so I might head down to ma and pa's for some sympathy and tea :)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The smile that lights up a room

It's amazing to see Brody smile, but his smile just starts at his eyebrows and ends at his chin...his whole entire face lights up. He is such a smiley baby and even when I'm frustrated at him for never sleeping, all he has to do is smile at me...just like his dad :)
Baylor and I made snickerdoodles yesterday, he loves to cook! He also wanted to take a bite out of the pure shortening and eggs....I warned him, but the toddler won....and was totally grossed out. What's a little samonilla and clogging of the arteries? He placed himself in front of the toaster oven (that is his personal oven) and got the hot pads out and even a spatula and said, "Mom, I'm cookin...and it's good." What a character.
We're suppossed to get 3-5 inches of snow here today.....we'll see, I'm still bruised from the ice sledding incident, but I'm ready to send Baylor down a hill of nice fluffy snow instead of ice.

So I've started making phone calls to set up appointments for our new "business." The first two weeks are tough because it's a lot of time in the evening. Lonnie has really stepped up and is watching the boys for me while I call and go to appointments. I think this is good for me and my confidence and also for our family financially in the long run. I pray it works out and that my friends don't get annoyed :) It's truly me wanting to help them, not make money.

I got an area rug today to cover the big square in the living makes is much cozier and comletes the room...FINALLY!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Phone Phobia

So I've entered into the, "working" mom category...well, kind of. Lonnie and I really thought long and hard and prayed about what we're going to do with our bills that keep piling up. We had the chance to sit down with a couple that works with Primerica Financial services and they helped us tremendously with new life insurance, debt solutions and even working on our mortgage stuff. They've already saved us a ton of money that we can use to pay off debts. So I was intrigued by the company and decided it would be a perfect way for us to make some extra money while helping people with their debt. We did tons of research and are very happy with the company and it's goals etc. So I signed on last night and I'll start training soon. I'm super nervous because I HATE USING THE PHONE, so I have to get over that, but this will allow me to stay home with the boys (minus a few evenings for appointments) and make some extra money to pay off debt!! I hope I can help people as much as they have helped us and that people will be responsive to me :) So you can look foward to hearing from me soon ! :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ice Sledding

My knees are butt are covered in bruises from our (Gramma K, Baylor and I ) ice sledding adventure yesterday. There wasn't much snow, but it was covered in a thick coat of ice, which makes a great sledding surface. (Note to self: Do not put two year olds on plastic roll up sleds without a soft thing to land on or a person at the bottom to catch) Baylor loved it and we had tons of fun (no stitches and only one wipe out....that was me) I'm still waiting for more real snow so we can check out the hill by the Lisbon high school.

I posted some photos of Lonnie when he was a baby....and then, he looks like his daddy! Unfortunatly, he does not sleep like his daddy. He was up six times (every two hours!!) last night for some god-forsaken reason. He's not teething, he's not sick...I can't figure it out. He made it the night before only waking up once...I thought my life was returning to normal...WRONG. The only things I can think of are that a.) he's cold (even though I have him dressed warm and snuggled in a blanket) b.) He's hungry...which is crazy, he at two hours previously c.) He just wants to snuggle with mom (which I'm totally okay with...just not six times at night) Please Lord, let this insanity stop. I can handle two times a would be nice, but six....NOT COOL. I wanted him to be sleeping before we headed to Illinois for Christmas, but it looks like that is not happening.

Today Baylor and I painted his Christmas ornaments that we made and know, the yummy salt flour ones that you made as a kid. One of them is so heavy, it about knocked the tree over, we decided against hanging that one on the tree. His train set came in the mail and we told a white lie when he asked what it was. I said, "it's broccoli" and Lonnie said it was "tools for dad." which probably wasn't the best thing to say....hello..the kid loves tools!!! We had to quickly change the subject and hide the package. We also got a package from Gramma Lila filled with fun toys and clothes for the boys. We are very thankful for everything she sends us, I think she is responsible for 95% of the clothes that our kids wear.

Oh yea...we have a mouse in the's go time. I'm gonna kill that sucker so if anyone has any ideas (that are safe around kids and dogs) (PhilD I know you do!! ) Let me know.