Monday, December 10, 2007

All I want for Christmas is.....

....a toddler who doesn't throw fits and more than three hours of sleep in a row!! And of course world peace, my two front teeth and maybe a massage.

So Brody is still fussy and I can tell he's in pain after he eats. He arches his back and cries. So we are trying another medicine, hopefully this one will work. It's a little more tricky than the last one because you have to give it a half hour before they eat. So, night time is out, but during the day should work. It helps to reduce acid and help the milk go down faster, leaving less time to splash back up for reflux. I actually took the same medicine when I was a kid for my tummy problems. He may have his father's face, but he has my stomach.

I'm off to my first, "appointments" tonight. My parents and their neighbors. I hope it goes well, I'm pretty nervous about it. We also got our first winter heating bill....all I have to say is OUCH and I'll be turning the thermostat down and bundling everyone up in layers.

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