Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dear Lisbon snowplow drivers,

Dearest Lisbon snowplow drivers,

I'm writing you this sweet note to inform you that, while shoveling THE STREET this morning with my miniature 2 foot snow shovel, you drove past my snowed in mailbox/street/curb four times and neglected to plow. I know you saw me because I was wearing neon purple eighties gloves and a bright yellow hat and I have a cute butt. I just wanted you to check your vision because clearly there is a section of street (yes, main street) that has not been plowed properly and happens to be RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY MAILBOX. I applaud your hard work and dedication to clearing the streets, especially in front of the bars, but wondered if you could shimmy your cute little red snowplow down and actually plow in front of my house. I now have carpal tunnel and a sore back from the hour of heavy snow lifting I did this morning while you watched from your truck....all it would have taken was one swipe of the plow. I mean this in the most sarcastic and sincere way possible, and while you're at it....tell the mailman he can deliver mail to us now becuase there is a nice shoveled off space for him to drive, no thanks to you.

Lots of love,
Snow shovel goddess

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