Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Home Sweeeeeeet Home!

Oh, glorious home! (and in one piece I might add...thanks dogs!) We came home to eight inches of snow though and had to dig our poor Corolla out of the street. It was great to be home, but we had fun (minus the car ride and lack of sleep) seeing family and hanging with the grandparents. Baylor and Brody are sure spoiled with gifts!!!! Today we put away Christmas decorations, overhauled the toys/clothes/junk in the house and made two huge Goodwill bags. We came to the conclusion that we have too much "stuff"!!!!! Where does all this come from? (two guesses.....yup, the two grandmas) We also set up Baylor's "big boy" bed. Slowly and surely we'll move Brody out of our room and into the room with Baylor. He just has to start sleeping better at night (which could be another six months......grrrrr)

Christmas was great, we had fun at home watching Baylor find his new train set under the tree. Lonnie and I struggled to set it up the night before....we were both huddled under the tree in stitches because two grown adults couldn't put together a simple wooden train set. My parents came up for ham and taters and nasty cornbread stuffing (mistake on my part) We're ready to get back into the schedules and swing of things again. Baylor is happy (for now) with his new toys and he loves his new easel and wants to draw "monsters" all the time.

Thank you to our family for putting up with us and all of the marvelous gifts!! We're truly blessed to have such a generous and loving family. It was great to see all of them, even if it was brief. Ta ta for now...Baylor and I are having a Mac' n Cheese date at the kitchen table while Brody and daddy snooze.

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