Monday, December 3, 2007

Ice Sledding

My knees are butt are covered in bruises from our (Gramma K, Baylor and I ) ice sledding adventure yesterday. There wasn't much snow, but it was covered in a thick coat of ice, which makes a great sledding surface. (Note to self: Do not put two year olds on plastic roll up sleds without a soft thing to land on or a person at the bottom to catch) Baylor loved it and we had tons of fun (no stitches and only one wipe out....that was me) I'm still waiting for more real snow so we can check out the hill by the Lisbon high school.

I posted some photos of Lonnie when he was a baby....and then, he looks like his daddy! Unfortunatly, he does not sleep like his daddy. He was up six times (every two hours!!) last night for some god-forsaken reason. He's not teething, he's not sick...I can't figure it out. He made it the night before only waking up once...I thought my life was returning to normal...WRONG. The only things I can think of are that a.) he's cold (even though I have him dressed warm and snuggled in a blanket) b.) He's hungry...which is crazy, he at two hours previously c.) He just wants to snuggle with mom (which I'm totally okay with...just not six times at night) Please Lord, let this insanity stop. I can handle two times a would be nice, but six....NOT COOL. I wanted him to be sleeping before we headed to Illinois for Christmas, but it looks like that is not happening.

Today Baylor and I painted his Christmas ornaments that we made and know, the yummy salt flour ones that you made as a kid. One of them is so heavy, it about knocked the tree over, we decided against hanging that one on the tree. His train set came in the mail and we told a white lie when he asked what it was. I said, "it's broccoli" and Lonnie said it was "tools for dad." which probably wasn't the best thing to say....hello..the kid loves tools!!! We had to quickly change the subject and hide the package. We also got a package from Gramma Lila filled with fun toys and clothes for the boys. We are very thankful for everything she sends us, I think she is responsible for 95% of the clothes that our kids wear.

Oh yea...we have a mouse in the's go time. I'm gonna kill that sucker so if anyone has any ideas (that are safe around kids and dogs) (PhilD I know you do!! ) Let me know.

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Philip said...

Humm, I am thinking night vision goggles and a sniper rifle! That should take care of that pesky rodent. :-) To be honest, we use plain old fashion mouse traps. Although they do make some "Poisons" that disrupt the GI track in small rodents that they claim are safe for kids and dogs. I haven't fed them to small children yet to verify though. :-)