Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jackhammer Guy

If you have kids, then you know that packing for a trip is an adventure within itself. You have to be preapred for anything and the inevitable, "what if...." Like, what if Baylor spills something on his clothes (this happens three-five times a day by the way) or what if the hotel room is cold (need extra blankets) or what if Brody decides to have his weekly poo blowout and stains his pj's....the list of what if's goes on and on. Plus, entertainment for a toddler is a must in a confined space (such as a car) Yes...I know I'm not going on a 16 hour car ride like my buddies down the street :) but six hours plus stops is enough for me thank you. I started packing this morning and the pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger. I am a very organized person and had my list prepared last week, but I keep adding to it and Baylor keeps subtracting from it. I tried to pack some of his favorite toys, but he keeps finding them and dragging them out into the living room. I'm sure we'll get an hour into the trip and he'll start asking for Jackhammer Guy, in which he will have inevitably left on the kitchen table. Let me tell you a little about Jackhammer Guy (J.G) He came in a pack of construction guys like the army guys...little plastic yellow thingys. Baylor fell in love with ONE of the 50 dudes, a guy with a jackhammer. Now, we've had to make trips back to church, strip his bed and go on hour long search and rescue operations all becuase of J.G. It's amazing to me that this two inch plastic dude with a jackhammer holds such a special place in Baylor's heart. I'm thinking of making a special box for him or a neclace that he can wear around his neck, so we never lose him again!! Thanks Jackhammer Guy.

We leave tomorrow morning and will return Sunday night. I'm super excited because Lonnie is taking his laptop with him and the hotel has free high speed internet....yes!!! We have dial up, so it takes a little over twenty minutes to download ONE stinkin photo. So, maybe I'll get a chance to post some more photos.

P.S I'm publically apolgizing to Lonnie for the snoring post :) Even though the contents were COMPLETELY ACCURATE and I almost got a kick to the shin last night when I tried to "gently nudge" him out of sawing logs. I love you honey! :)


Kim said...

Wait a minute, it's Christmas time and you're going to see family and the think you're most excited about is the hotel wifi? Hmmmmm

Philip said...

lol, I have to agree with (im on this one. I love your priorities! I am sure your trip will go great... and even if it doesn't, it will just give you more experiences to blog about!! :-)