Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just breathe...

I've been thinking about new year's resolutions today. I know everyone does them and most of the time they're all the same...drop some weight, make more money, get my "six pack" back, have more sex...or maybe not. I'll enlighten you later with my list of resolutions, but thinking about that list made me realize how much I need to relax. If I could tattoo a word on my forehead so I when I looked in the mirror, something I don't usually enjoy (especially in the morning after not sleeping) it would have to be RELAX. Being a mom, I take myself too seriously sometimes...okay, most of the time. I worry about the silliest things and don't feel like the day went well unless my kids slept, my house is spotless and Lonnie liked what I made for dinner. The world will not come to an end if the house isn't clean, Brody only slept a half hour and the casserole for dinner was slightly on the rubber side. I want to be fun and I want my family to enjoy being around me and I want to quit stressing over silly things. Life is way too short for that!!! I want to not feel quilty about staying in my sweatpants until noon (and secretly doing the sweatpants dance in the kitchen) Instead, today I resolve to breathe more, relax and enjoy my children (and husband too!) They grow up way too fast, Brody is rolling over now and starting to crawl!! Before I know it, he'll be running (not walking, my kids go from crawling to running!) It's okay that my house is messy sometimes....and I let Baylor watch three veggie tales in a row and that Brody stayed in his P.J's the entire day. It's okay!!!

I did however make one heck of a carrot cake today. That, unfortunaly, is one of my resolutions...less baking, more veggies!! I have a baking problem, it's a stress reliever and something I've enjoyed doing for years with my mother.

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Philip said...

Not everyone does. I quit making New Years resolutions a long time ago. I found that when I did, and broke one, I tended to wait till the next ywar to start over. As for relaxing, I couldn't agree more. Kim laughs at me, but I often do what I call the Death Test. I look at everything that I need to do and think... "Will anyone die if these don't get done?" If not' I trie to grab Kimmie and Josiah and find a park or somewhere else to have some family time. Chores will always be there. Sometimes we need to let them wait!