Saturday, December 15, 2007

More snow

....Time to get Baylor ready, boots on, mittens on (with the thumb in the thumb hole), snow pants on, coat and hat on....45 minutes....time spent outside: 5 minutes.....watching him fall on his booty on the ice and then laughing...priceless. It snowed again...did I mention I hate winter now.

Baylor made me laugh this morning as I had a flashback to my childhood. I wasn't what you would call a "difficult" child, just very strong willed. I did however, have this weird thing for tags and seams. I would freak out if the tag on my shirt was touching me and make my mom cut it out and if the seams in my socks weren't right or felt weird...major meltdown. This morning, Baylor had a minor meltdown over the tags on his shirts.....which made me giggle as I snipped the small pieces of fabric from his shirts!! (Yes Mom, I know this is payback)
We made cupcakes yesterday...which was an adventure in itself. I told him he could lick the bowl and I turned around and he had the entire bowl upside down on his head literally licking the bowl. I forgot kids take things very literal and then he proceeded to lick the spatula and then the counter and was going to lick the floor before I stopped him. He licks everything!!

It's Saturday...Lonnie is home...Praise God. What am I going to do with some spare time? I will tell you...shave my legs, take a long HOT shower, put my laundry away (yes, I know that is so exciting!) and eat the new ice cream I bought yesterday (triple chocolate....hooray for chocolate) Tonight is our Christmas concert. Let the band nerdiness continue.

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Kim said...

I'm proud of took a picture instead of flipping out about having your kitchen covered in batter. We almost had one of those moments this morning when Josiah tried to turn over a sheet of chocolate turtles I'd just finished. I'm not sure I would have thought of the camera.