Saturday, December 8, 2007

A new day

Greetings from Tantrum Central. Just kidding. It's actually much better today folks, because Brody is sleeping (must be the shots) and Baylor and I got to spend some quality time together. I am beginning to realize why my mother laughs and says, " you so deserve Baylor." I must have been a handful....actually I know I was a "strong willed child," as they like to say. Why don't they just say, "man, you were a pain in the rear kid."

Baylor has entered the everything is what I say stage. Like when I say, "Baylor, that snow is white," he's like, "No it's blue." and when I say, "wow, it's a stegosaurus" he lovingly says, "nope, it's a taradachtal." (trust me the kid knows his dinosaurs) But, that is what I love about his character and his personality. He knows when to test mom and when I'm most vulnerable. We've sat on the naughty chair twice today and got two spankings, but he is learning and Lonnie and I are committed to raising our children the way God wants. He did say that he loves baby Jesus today and that made me smile.

Brody is running a low grade fever from his shots and is super cranky. They think he has reflux because of his not wanting to nurse and arching his back. He was put on liquid zantc, which has to be the nastiess stuff I've ever tasted. We tried mixing it with breastmilk and he kind of drinks it, but when we tried to give it to him stright came right back up in my mom's lap. This kid could win a contest for longest projectile puking. He is acting like he's in pain, but the kid hasn't pooped in four days!!! I'm waiting for the big blowout shortly. I'm armed with oxyclean and tons of wipes :) Just in case you're reading this and you don't have'll someday understand that most of your adult conversations will revolve around you child's poop. What color it is...when it comes, how it comes and how you get it out of clothes. The harder you try to fight not talking about poo, the worse it gets :) So embrace the poo. (of course, not literally!!) Have a delightful Saturday.


PhilD said...

I must say, I love your posts. You always manage to make me laugh! You know, there is a reason why terrible rhymes with twos! If it helps any (and I am sure it won't) I thought Baylor was very well behaved tonight. I had fun playing with him anyway.

Oh yeah, Just thought I would mention... I remember those poo conversations... Wait a sec... we still have them! :-)

chris wilke said...

Ha! Baylor reminds me of Calvin & Hobbes with the whole dinosaur thing, and the "everything is what i say stage" too, I guess. It's only one of the best comic strips of all time! All he needs is a stuffed tiger that can become his best friend. Oh wait! Does he have one already?