Friday, December 7, 2007

One of those days

I've alwasy wondered how those mom's of screaming tantrum throwing toddlers did it because Baylor seemed to be beyond that stage.....until this morning!!! He threw his first big throw himself on the floor kicking and screaming and crying fit and let me tell you it was UGLY. My patience with the kiddo was already thin after a chase across the Dr's office parking lot and down the hallway when Brody was getting his shots. (He weighs 15 lbs now...with sexy thunder thighs!) By this time, I wanted to scream and pull out any exisiting we went to the Dean's for a playdate that was suppossed to be fun, but towards the end the spankin spoon came out and so did the monster of toddler. I couldn't apologize enough to everyone, but they assured me that they've already seen it and not to worry. It continued throughout the entire car ride home and into the house and then the kitchen and then the living room. It stopped for a brief second and then started again when I went to take off his coat....he wanted it ON! Now, Lonnie is on his way to a coaches clinic and I'm about to send Baylor with him ( I'm not quite sure they allow kids at these things :) It finally subsided after about two hours. I'm not even quite sure how to handle it. Do I ignore him and walk away or discipline him and teach him a lesson? I don't want to react with anger, but that was my first instinct. I had to take many deep breaths, talk calmly to him and figure out what the heck was wrong. I am praying it's because he was super tired from playing two hours in the snow last night with dad. Anyways, I put him down for his nap and went to consume much chocolate, that always helps me :) Lonnie is gone until tomorrow evening and my first "appointment" re-scheduled, so I might head down to ma and pa's for some sympathy and tea :)


Phil G. said...

This is Andrea G... please let me know what great conclusions you come to! The two's are just around the corner for us and I am already praying! I have learned not to give advice when I don't have any experience in the next stage, but I do have sympathy for you and I will be praying! My only experience with discipline is it is amazing how much consistency does really matter, especially between spouses and between grandma and grandpa. Also, spanking is effective and biblical! I agree that anger thing on our part is hard though. I really like a book called Sheperding a Child's Heart... he woke me up to realize that if I am angry because my child has wronged me, or not lived up to my expectations and I discipline that is sin on my part. However, if I discipline because I want my child to learn to be obedient to God and I have nothing to be angry about as it is an offense against God and then discipline is righteous and what God commands. It is truly a matter of my heart and the child's heart. I am pretty sure this is an area we never solve in parenting, but only continue to grow. I don't have a blog, but asked for one for Christmas :)

Kim said...

Let me assure you, the tantrum was far worse for you than any of the rest of us. I just felt bad for you because I know that 'please, Lord, just let me sink into the floor' feeling that starts as soon as that whining begins. My prayers have been with you.