Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Phone Phobia

So I've entered into the, "working" mom category...well, kind of. Lonnie and I really thought long and hard and prayed about what we're going to do with our bills that keep piling up. We had the chance to sit down with a couple that works with Primerica Financial services and they helped us tremendously with new life insurance, debt solutions and even working on our mortgage stuff. They've already saved us a ton of money that we can use to pay off debts. So I was intrigued by the company and decided it would be a perfect way for us to make some extra money while helping people with their debt. We did tons of research and are very happy with the company and it's goals etc. So I signed on last night and I'll start training soon. I'm super nervous because I HATE USING THE PHONE, so I have to get over that, but this will allow me to stay home with the boys (minus a few evenings for appointments) and make some extra money to pay off debt!! I hope I can help people as much as they have helped us and that people will be responsive to me :) So you can look foward to hearing from me soon ! :)

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