Friday, December 28, 2007

S'cuse you

He may not be the best behaved two year old at play dates, but he's the most polite :) So after he tackles someone, he helps them back up and says sorry. This morning Baylor gently informed his father (after burping at the table) that he was "scused" Then he asked to be "be s'cused please" which translates from toddler-ese to "may I please be excused." So all of the nagging and drilling on please, thank you and excuse me is working! Now we need to work on the physical contact and sharing.

I absent mindedly left Brody and Baylor in the same room this morning for a brief second (bad idea) We usually play this fun game called "hide the baby, " so Baylor can't do any harm to Brody. I walked into the room to see Baylor sitting on Brody's head with his arms flailing wildly and a muffled squeal coming from his mouth. Brody was fine and Baylor said he was just "hugging, " his brother. If that is hugging, I'd hate to see what wrestling is.

It snowed about three more inches this morning (the road is still not plowed by the way...) so that makes almost a foot of snow and ice on the ground. I constructed a t-rex and brontosaurus in the front yard with some of the snow. They have attracted quite a crowd so I'm thinking of charging admission. It's fun to watch the dogs play in the snow because Macey is too short and the snow comes up to her neck and she tries to run but fails miserably. I looks like I'll have to take my two foot shovel out and start shoveling again!! I'm working on my abs :)

p.s Lonnie wants me to tell you what I had for lunch today, so I will. I downed three grilled/toasted cheese sandwhiches (yes, three) and tomato soup. For some reason he finds that incredible and I just find it spectacular...I love grilled cheese.

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