Thursday, December 6, 2007

The smile that lights up a room

It's amazing to see Brody smile, but his smile just starts at his eyebrows and ends at his chin...his whole entire face lights up. He is such a smiley baby and even when I'm frustrated at him for never sleeping, all he has to do is smile at me...just like his dad :)
Baylor and I made snickerdoodles yesterday, he loves to cook! He also wanted to take a bite out of the pure shortening and eggs....I warned him, but the toddler won....and was totally grossed out. What's a little samonilla and clogging of the arteries? He placed himself in front of the toaster oven (that is his personal oven) and got the hot pads out and even a spatula and said, "Mom, I'm cookin...and it's good." What a character.
We're suppossed to get 3-5 inches of snow here today.....we'll see, I'm still bruised from the ice sledding incident, but I'm ready to send Baylor down a hill of nice fluffy snow instead of ice.

So I've started making phone calls to set up appointments for our new "business." The first two weeks are tough because it's a lot of time in the evening. Lonnie has really stepped up and is watching the boys for me while I call and go to appointments. I think this is good for me and my confidence and also for our family financially in the long run. I pray it works out and that my friends don't get annoyed :) It's truly me wanting to help them, not make money.

I got an area rug today to cover the big square in the living makes is much cozier and comletes the room...FINALLY!

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