Sunday, December 9, 2007

Snot Factory

Well, if you don't talk about your kid's poo, you'll be talking about their snot. Which is precisely what I am talking about today. Brody is a snot factory. Besides waking up every two hours last night (I didn't turn the light on) he woke this morning with boogers caked to his face, hair and was hilarious for me but I'm sure painful for him. I broke out the ever so popular nasal aspirator or as we mommies like to call it, "THE BOOGER SUCKER." It strikes fear into the hearts and noses of our little ones, they cringe when they see that enormous green bulbous thing approaching their nasal cavities!!! But it rocks...does the job quite well and despite the crying, I'm sure he'd thank me if he could for allowing him to breathe again.

I'm playing hookie from church this morning, staying home with snot man. Lonnie took Baylor so the house is quiet...WHOA!! Got to run, it's shower time...HOORAY!!!

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