Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Sock war

...she dashed right, I swerved left....she darted under the table, I kicked the table...she ran behind the couch, I moved the couch...she ran upstairs, I went to get the shotgun (just kidding) all of this craziness for one sock. My dog thinks that she is a sneaky booger and likes to eat strange things like Baylor's socks or dirty tissues (she has a weird fetish for snot...don't ask me why) Don't worry, the sock is safe...for now! Anyone want a beagle or two?

Well, we spent the night at Ma and Pa Koser's house last night because we had no electricity....of course Lisbon had electricity, just not our stinkin block. It dropped below 60 degrees in the house and that's when we packed up the kiddos and left. It was an interesting night, Brody was up every two hours (I'm blaming the reflux, we're going back to the Dr today) and Baylor kept waking up at every noise. I swear my parents were bowling last night with all the noise they were making upstairs. It's beautiful outside, but we lost a few tree limbs.

I've come to realize how much Baylor loves playing with me and when I find myself gettin too busy with laundry or cleaning, he gets angry. The other day he told me to stop cleaning and come play!!! That's when you realize the time with your kids is so special and short, soon he won't want to play with me, he'll want me to drop him off a block from his school! So today, the laundry waited and the dishes piled up, but I played cars, drew pictures of dinosaurs and ate popcorn with my son! Much better than chores anyday!!

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