Thursday, January 31, 2008

Go back to sleeeeeep....pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

Two half hour naps a day is not going to cut it kid. Some say you can "sleep train" your child, others just have kids that can fall asleep anywhere, anytime.... My children on the other hand refuse sleep. They take power naps and think sleeping for more than three hours is silly. I thought I could steal a few moments to enlighten you on the goings on of a domestic goddess but instead I will have to make this short and retrieve the screaming babe from upstairs......grrrrrrrrr Have a delightful and non-competative day :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Motherhood is not a competition

As soon as you start popping kids out, it seems like everything babe raising has to be a competition. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the fiercest competitors in many things (running, sequence, strip poker) just ask my husband, but mothering does not top my list. Although it is a hard skill to master, competing with other mamas seems trivial. Put a bunch of moms in a room and they talk about silly things like whose baby can hold off eating sugar the longest, the organic diapers they hand sewed this morning, how much had picked fruit they pureed for homemade baby food, how many veggies their child consumes a day and the length of their mama Pilate's class along with shoe size, Spanish they've taught your nino, how often they wash their sheets to the gourmet meal they prepare every night for your family. It makes me want to run and hide in my Chinese toy filled car with my store bought diapers, jarred baby food and dirty sheets. Kids grow, learn, smell and eat differently. It's not a fair game anyways, so quit competing. They even use secret stealth tactics and claim that they don't do it, but we all know in their heads they're strategizing what move they will make next. Will it be the anti thrift shop shuffle or the loathing of french fries draw. Ah, the perplexity of the mama mind. I am very proud to say that I love thrift stores, don't make my own baby food (those containers make excellent paint jars) and I know it's time to wash my sheets when I can't remember the last time I washed them. I also have a few toys made in China, I let my two year old cook...ON THE STOVE (shriek!) and watch...(gasp!)......the boob tube (in moderation of course) I'm not dissing on any mom that has the time, energy and amazing stamina to do a number of the items listed above, I simply want to put an end to all competition for mom of the year. ....because I have it in the bag :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Revenge of the packing peanuts...

Who knew that a box filled with packing peanuts and bubble wrap could entertain a two year old for about an hour? I'm never buying a new toy's packing peanuts and bubble wrap for every birthday!! He spent all morning in the box aka "his cage" if only I could ship him to Aubudabi like Garfield did to Nermal :) Just kidding, I would never ship him away....only for an afternoon :) An old and very gracious friend sent me two space heaters for our cold house (and just in time for an Iowa blizzard) and they came in this great big box full of fun. They're great!!! No more lugging the one enormous space heater up and down the stairs and playing the game, "which room do we heat today?!" A major bonus...they are roatating which kept Brody enthrawled for a while too!! What a huge blessing.

Yesterday was gorgeous....a balmy 40 in the negatives...curse Iowa! I strapped Brody in the backpack and Baylor put on his fireman yellow rain boots in search of huge muddy puddles to splash in. We went on a wonderful glorious walk around a few blocks until Baylor was soaked to the bone in puddle water. We walked passed the firestation to see the firetrucks and even saw a train, major bonus. It gave me hope for spring, but that was squashed when I woke up to nasty snowy wind. The snow did melt yesterday enough for me to realize we have a backyard full of doggie bombs and when Baylor yelled, "ahhh dog poo!" out the window spotting numerous piles of joy in the backyard. Looks like we'll be pooper scoopering before we play back there. Off to do some abs of steel....more like abs of white jello.

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm a princess

"Mom, I'm a boy and you're a PRINCESS!" were the wonderful words that were belted out of my two year old's mouth tonight as I gave him a bath. How true son, how true. I am a princess, don't ever forget it :) In fact, I should be wearing my tiara right now but I took it off to wash the floor. I went on to explain how we treat women and girls like princesses, we pull out chairs, hold doors, take their plates for them and always let them go first. I think he glazed over when I started talking chivalry, but we have to start somewhere. I refuse to believe that chivalry is dead, at least my sons will treat their future wives like princesses and of course...their mother!!

The snot is subsiding but coughing still lingers. Their colds didn't last nearly as long as I thought they would. Baylor had Ellie over to play this morning and they were hilarious. I wish I had as much energy as they have in their little toe. It was nonstop activity from the time she came until she left. Baylor is going over there to play tomorrow. I'm having so much fun with these boys, they make me laugh and smile everyday and staying home is worth all the loss of sleep, sneezed sweet potatoes in my hair and diaper explosions anyday.

Lonnie and I...well, I shouldn't say I, because I had nothing to do with it except a signature, got our taxes filed last night. We used the H&R block software and it was awesome. We are also getting Lonnie's cash value back on his life insurance policy that we changed. With that extra money we will be able to pay off almost all of our debt except the house and my student loan. Darn Cornell but praise God, HE IS GOOD. My friend Nicole got me this hilarious book called Haiku Mama, filled with true and silly haiku poems for moms...I leave you with a few.

Hands clenched, smile, subtle-
planning world domination,
or dreaming of boobs?

Sniffing newborn's head,
a primal urge takes over-
try not to eat him.

Outing compromised.
Small timeframe, much flatulence;
deja poo from babe.

O, lovely naptime.
You are better than birthdays
with the gifts you bring.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heat wave

We're havin a heat wave...a tropical heat wave....Holy cow, it's a balmy25 degrees!! Bust out your shorts and sunglasses! (If you could see my white legs, you'd definatly need sunglasses. )

Lonnie took Baylor to practice this morning and he was soooooo excited. I had a meeting and took Brody with me, so Baylor played at the track all morning. I went to go pick him up and he had no pants on and was riding the exercise bike...hmmmm Leave him with dad and he's half naked!! Apparently he spilled something on his pants and wanted to play in the sand naked...don't we all! Brody slept better last night, he's still erupting volumous amounts of mucus from his nose and sometimes eye balls. He's starting to crawl!!! Only 5 1/2 months and ready to move. It's funny to watch, he gets up on his knees and just rocks back and forth, as if he were waiting to pounce on some prey. We're in for it when he starts moving. He has gotten quite the palette for baby foods. His favorites seem to be carrots, squash, sweet potato, prunes, bananas and applesauce. He has actually gotten a little better with the green veggies, but like the rest of his family, he tends to lean towards the sweeter vegetables. Apparently we are the family that eats sweet things too...gesh, can't we be known for something other than food about the family that has incredible legs or the family who's kids always behave? I will say that I am one heck of a cake maker though (and now I have a sweet silicone bundt cake pan...let the baking begin!) Hey, I guess we're just one sweet family.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Booger sucker and garbage tags

Imagine my suprise when I opened my birthday card from Gramma MiMi and 20 bucks fell out. Sweet, I think to myself (very selfishly).... 20 dollars for ME....all ME,....mine, mine mine! I imagine all of the wonderful things I will buy for 20 bucks (2o bucks is a lot for us, trust me!) coffee...maybe some chocolate or nice lotion. I can't remember the last time I had money that was designated strictly to me :) BUT we all know this story. It's not sad, it's just what happens when you have kids. My children both came down with nasty colds and they are erupting factories of snot right now, so at three in the morning, I stumble through the house looking for the darn booger luck. So I had to go to the Pharmacy and ask the lady for a nasal aspirator...she gave me a funny look so I rephrased....I mean booger sucker. Then, Lonnie comes to me and says we need garbage tags and we have no cash (do I look like a bank? I wish) So folks, I would like to tell you what I got for my birthday....a booger sucker and garbage tags :) but I'd rather have happy snot free kids than a twenty dollar bill...I haven't decided about the garbage tags yet :) and I love spending money on my kids, I'd rather buy them gifts than myself any day. I did have a great birthday though, I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family that made my day very special! I got some spectacular cards and gifts...way more than I could have asked for and need!! So thanks for all the great presents, phone calls and cards. Dad came through with his last minute crazy gift...thanks Dad!

On a more serious less sarcastic note, pray for Brody and his tummy. He was up again from 2am-until around 5am crying in pain and arching his back. We can't figure out if it's from reflux, if he has a tummy ache, gas, or what. I'm running on about two hours of sleep, which is okay becuae that is what coffee is for, but we hate seeing him in pain and want to know what's up. He has his sixth month check up in two weeks, but I don't know if I can wait that long.

I'm off to suck some boogers.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You know you're getting older when... can't remember how old you are now, you now need glasses for reading and kids these days have no idea what parachute pants or hypercolor shirts are. Okay, okay I'm not that old...I'll be turning the ripe old age of 27 tomorrow, but I am creeping ever so closely towards the big 30, and sometimes I feel like I'm 80. When I was growing up, my mom made our birthday one stinkin big party and a huge deal. We would get our favorite breakfast, she would make the coolest birthday cake and we could have a sleepover party while staying up late and watching movies and my dad would always send me a rose at school (and I would proudly display it for all the boys to see and be jealous of :) He would also get us one gift that we didn't expect and wrap it in butcher paper and bring it out at the end. People make birthdays so painful and dull these days. Sure, you're another year older, but who cares? Sure, you have gained a little weight, have stretch marks in weird places and you have lost those sexy college legs. I love birthdays, I love birthday cake (mom made me a double chocolate carrot cake which I'm eating at the moment...smashing ice cream and cake together...excellent) I love opening birthday cards, I love opening birthday presents, I love sharing another year with the people in my life that decided to love me and not kill me. I love reminded my husband and writing in gigantic neon letters on his desk calendar that my birthday is on Thursday and having him still forget. I love looking back and remembering the cool birthday parties like roller skating, slumber parties, and pool parties and the best birthday Sheera sleeping bag, cabbage patch kids and of course the best gift trumpet!! I actually think my parents took out a small loan or sacrificed getting new carpet and bought me my trumpet instead...good investment mom! As a mom, I want to make my boys' birthdays so special and making a whole day or even a week long birthday celebration!! Hooray for Birthdays!

Lonnie's parents were just here on a quick fly-by stop on their way home from Minnesota visiting their daughter and son in law. It was quite a treat to get to see them and have them stay with us because Baylor loves them so much and doesn't get to see them nearly enough. They always come bearing gifts and goodies of all kinds. We went out to eat at Gwen's (this greasy spoon restaurant down the street) because I like it and Lonnie can't stand it :) Baylor behaved himself and Brody was great and I got to eat fried mushrooms....I'll be running extra tomorrow, trust me. We wished they could have stayed longer, but they had to get back to work and Mount Vernon Illinois was calling their name :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

They grow too fast

It seems like yesterday when I brought Brody home from the hospital to meet his new brother and he was this tiny little monkey. I'm not being mean, the kid looked like a monkey...he had major hair on his back and arms and made screeching sounds that resembled chimps. Now, today he got up on his knees and lunged forward, trying his best to reach the toy I set just a hair out of arms reach. This kid is trying his best to keep up with his big brother and he wants to crawl so badly. Sometimes he just lays on his tummy (we call it tummy surfing) and flails his arms and legs wildly...if he gets going fast enough, I swear he gets some air time. He has grown so fast as I continue to savor each second I get to spend with him. A lot of Baylor's infancy was a blur to me because I was so tired, frustrated and didn't know what the heck I was doing half of the time. This time, I've got it down and the little things don't bother me. I've also learned a lot about the way I mother and the way Lonnie and I parent our boys. We aren't perfect, but what we choose for our boys is the best for them. We want to raise them to love the Lord more than anything. We take advice from people, but mostly with a grain of salt. We also give Baylor juice and cookies sometimes, let him fall on his face so he learns and let him cry once in a while. It's good for him. We also love the hugs, kisses and " I love you's" that we hear. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for hearing those words and being able to see Brody try to crawl for the first time. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home with my boys and even if we have to eat PB&J a lot more than I'd like, it's worth it...they grow too fast!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

If I could sell dog hair, I'd be rich

Seriously. Who knew dogs shed in the winter? I would have thought that since it was freezing, the more hair the better. Apparently my dogs feel the need to shed any excess hair ALL OVER MY HOUSE. Just when you think you have it all vacuumed up, you find a dog hair in one of your kid's noses or all over your butt from sitting on the couch. When company comes, I've been known to "rake" the couches. Now this has been a major source of frustration with me for a long time and I've even contemplated getting rid of them because I'd rather play with my children than spend my time sweeping up dog hair. I do love them though and no matter how much I threaten to sell them, I will probably end up keeping them until they croak. Here is a photo of the little boogers now.....aren't they cute though? They're good huntin dogs (even though we don't hunt) they hunt toys, socks, used kleenex, dinosaurs and underwear.
It's still mighty cold today. The car thermometer read 1.....Yes, 1. That is without the wind-chill. I was a heathen today and we played hookie from church. Baylor was in rare form by the time we realized what time it was, we were still in P.J's and eating breakfast. I made an executive decision to stay warm and stay home. I know, I know I'm sorry. I did however, get to go run! I went to Cornell and ran on the treadmill and lifted weights. I had forgotten that I owned some of these muscles. I'm pretty sure tomorrow I will not be able to move. I miss running!! My goal is at least three times a week. Baylor and I are going on a, "date" this afternoon after naps. I promised him yesterday and by golly if he didn't remember. I think we'll make a trip to the evil empire (as my dad calls it) of Wally World....detergent, butter and maybe Thomas the Train.

I also got my hair cut....finally, no more mullet :) Here is a photo from the side. I kind of look like an elf with my ear sticking out though. I love it, it's easy...hooray for short hair.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Frozen pipes

Grrr. So I went to get a glass of water and not to my surprise the kitchen sink pipes froze....actually just the cold far. Looks like I'll be hauling the dishes to the bathtub.

Here is a photo of squash face. Yum.

Wow. I actually figured out how to add a photo in this text box. I consider myself to be pretty technically savvy, but apparently when you become a mom, you forget things (like applying deodorant, or shampooing your hair twice) OH...look, spell check too! It's amazing what you can find when you look....or follow directions! My husband would laugh right now because he knows that I never follow directions or look...I kind of fly by the seat of my britches and cause a ruckus by breaking the rules occasionaly. It's much more fun that way. I also get lost in my hometown. Like I said before, I draw pictures. Going to un-thaw my tootsies.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Welcome to the frozen tundra of Iowa

All I can say is Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Too cold to type...hands frozen...fingers.....won'

Spare space heater anyone?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Confessions of an addict

Hello my name is Keri, and I'm addicted to moving furniture. My husband sometimes comes home to a completely rearranged house. I can't help it. I long for change and my creative juices get flowing and BAM! I rearrange the room. Yesterday I moved all the furniture in our room myself. I like it, however I totally forgot that I had moved the rather large dresser to the other side of the room (by my side of the bed) and in the middle of the night when I stumbled to get Brody, I smashed my arm into it and then recoiled from the pain (silently screaming inside my head ) and then scraped my thigh on the now closer corner of the bed!!! It's okay, I only have a small contusion and large bruise to show for my addiction to furniture moving. Hey, when you can't afford to buy things to decorate your house, you have to spice it up a little with new arrangements.

Today is freaking cold. Lonnie and I have placed bets to see which day this week our kitchen sink pipes will freeze. It always happens and we end up washing dishes in the bathtub or bathroom sink...not cool. It wouldn't be the first time, since I'm the queen of multitasking, I often do dishes, clean the bathtub and brush my teeth all while showering. Since our house is over 100 years old, the pipes are hidden in a scary unreachable place. Baylor and I are enjoying a nice cup of hot cocoa with "smushmellows" (he's on cup #2...cup #1 went all over the kitchen table) Nothing like a little sugar in the afternoon to get the non napping little dude all riled up. On a happy note, it's band night!! We're having our annual meeting tonight, so no playing, just eating pizza, cake and sorting music....and there was much rejoicing...yea.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

High and Tight

The Speidel "men" got haircuts this morning (I'm so jealous!) They stepped into my haircutting studio aka known as the kitchen. We went for high and tight, military style, cause that's how I run this house :) Brody even got a little snip snip off the sides, until he tried eating the scissors and then I had to quit. He's going to have his dad's hair, nice and thick (and then he'll start greying when he's 21) Lonnie doesn't believe me that I think grey hair is sexy, but I've always loved the salt and pepper look. I've been waiting for a haircut for soooo long, in fact I asked for one for my birthday. My buddy Shannon came through with a gift certificate for a haircut!!! I just can't get a hold of the hair lady.....and my mullet gets longer every day. I think we should all just go Britney bald and then we'd solve a lot of problems. Nobody would judge you because of your haircut. It's getting close to naptime, I'm going to try to steal one too, it was a rough night for Brody and then he was up babbling at 6am. In my half awake state of consciousness, it was hard not to smile becuase he sounded so cute, even at six in the morning.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Holy coldness

Brrrrrrr. I think we might be investing in another space heater, it's soooo cold upstairs (no heat upstairs) that we swore we saw our breath this morning. I thought heat was suppossed to rise? Baylor and I have retreated to the living room in layers....he wants to play dinosaurs, I want to play hide under the warm covers. We're going to make Valentines today and maybe clean a closet or two :) Stay warm.

P.s Brody slept from 8-4 last night and then until 7am! Woo hoo, by golly I think the kid might be getting it!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Squash and prunes baby

Oh yea. Solid foods. Brody officially has two teeth and has started his first solid foods...squash and prunes. He loved them both. He is also rolling over both ways and is "scooting" on his belly, trying so hard to crawl. (for the record, he just turned five months) He's still nursing and sleeping maybe a tiny winy eensy weensy bit better. Baylor wore big boy underwear yesterday and didn't have an accident, he also didn't go pee in the potty win some, you lose some. He also hates wearing underwear and is very interested in the difference between girls and boys. Boy, that is a fun conversation to have with a two year old. Happy Sunday.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I love being a mommy

There are just some things in life that we could never get away with without children. For instance....coloring outside the lines with big crayons, crawling around on our hands and knees through gigantic broccoli slides at Mall play areas, wearing our pajamas until noon, having ice cream for lunch because we had a bad day and playdough!!! I'm sure we could get away with it, but we might not have many friends :) I love every single day of being a mom to my two boys. They are more than a blessing and I can't begin to tell you how much I love them. Of course there are moments that frustrating and trying, but that comes with anything! I'm learning as I go and parenting is a fine art. I love the fact they are too young to figure out how many mistakes I've already made, and love me no matter what. Just watching the joy in their faces when we play together or when they are hard at play makes me smile all over. I do complain and get frustrated, but so does everybody else (they just might not post it on a blog) I am entitled to a little vent here and there, but I want to make sure everyone knows that I consider myself truly blessed and amazingly happy. My humor is witty, sarcastic and hopefully funny, and I hope you all understand that I am joking most of the time :) I will not downplay the fact that some days I want to have a glass of wine for breakfast and then run and hide, but no matter how crappy the day goes, I can always look at my boys and I don't remembr why I'm pulling all of my hair out. They are the best gifts in the world, along with my husband who deserves a medal for putting up with me sometimes :)

Have a delightful weekend.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I want my abs back...

I wouldn't trade anything (including stretch marks) for my beautiful boys and the wonderful experiences that come with being a mom. However, I want my abs back. I know they're hiding under there somewhere, under the white "mommy pooch" I've been dedicating Seasame Street time into abs of steel time with the gigantic exercise ball. Baylor says, " mom, you will make you big and strong...and it's good for you." Yes, very true Baylor. I'm not sure about the big part, but I'll take the strong along with some killer abs again. I miss being a collegiate athlete with designated training times and weight room regiments. If only they had a mommy boot camp for ex-college athletes to get back into shape again. I have found that dancing in the kitchen, running around the living room and playing a good game of hide and seek does burn calories though....and that is waaaaaaay more fun that running in the cold. I may not have my athlete abs, but I do have some amazing boys to show off :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Eat your veggies

In a mad attempt for my child to eat more veggies, I busted out the carrots and ranch dip this morning for our mid-mornning snack. I even imitated a bunny, hoping to interest him in the little crunchy orange veggies. To my suprise, he grabbed the carrot and dunked it in the ranch....and then licked the ranch off the carrot...and then did it again...and again...until all of the ranch was gone and NONE of the carrots were!! Oh well, I get brownie points for trying. Maybe he got some small amount of vitamins through licking the carrots :) I'm thinking of liquifying the veggies and sneaking them into cookies or something.....but that could possibly defeat the purpose.

It's a gloomy Iowa day, but it's warm!! Well, warm for January...around 45 degrees and raining. A perfect sit inside drink tea, read magazines, listen to YoYo Ma's unacompanied Cello Suite (yes, I'm a dork) If only my children would take loooooong naps so I can accomplish absolutly nothing today :) I have a feeling I'll be playing trains rather than reading and listening to the Tractor song rather than YoYo Ma. Maybe the rain will wash away all the nasty brown sand and mud and dog poo all over our yard. It's like God is flirting with spring and getting our hopes up, only to slam us with another winter storm next week. Oh well, I like change anyways.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grocery store meltdown

I will start with praising God and knocking on wood, Brody slept from 8:30 until six!!! A new record and hopefully a new phase in sleeping. He also took a two hour nap this morning before chruch, which is quite unheard of in the Speidel house. I will not complain if this pattern continues, but I won't be bummed if it was a fluke either (can't get my hopes up yet!)

I decided that Baylor needed some one on one mom time so silly me thought we could go to Gary's (the local grocery store that jacks up their prices but you can't go anywhere else) and get some milk and bread. My first mistake was it was BEFORE nap time...what was I thinking. We entered the store perky and happy and smiling because he got to push the kid cart around the store (knocking over displays and hitting people in the shin) I believe it was half way between the bread and milk where the meltdown began to transpire. I could sense it in his cute little face and body language that he was going to either burst into tears or take off running...he chose the latter. At least I can thank God for my son's brillant speed, if he doesn't run track I'm going to be mad. So there I was hunched over a pint sized cart with a broken wheel trying to catch the runaway monkey who eneded up in the liqour isle (I, I could use a bottle of this right about now) He finally came running back after I gave him the evil mom stare and used ESP to send a spanking message to his brain. We headed to the checkout as fast as my little cart would take me as I placed him under one arm. I'm not sure what it is about tantrums, but when he gets mad he melts into a pool of toddler mush. His body becomes limp and it is almost impossible to pick him up, it's like tackling a jellyfish. Well, we made it out of the store (after the entire town saw us and heard us) but never again will there be grocery shopping before nap time :) I still love him though :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Hawkeye Cauceye

Now I can finally put my phone back on the hook!!! Yesterday, I got SEVEN...yes, seven calls in the span of two hours from Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and the Republican National Committee. I love politics, but this was insane. I only got to speak to one real human and that ended quickly when they asked for an ungodly amount of money (sure, if you'd like to pay my college debt and groceries forever...I'd love to!) I am happy to say that it's caucus day here in the freezing state of Iowa. I hope all of you Iowans get your tushes out in this freakin cold weather and vote. It does matter and you can't complain unless you vote. I'll stop talking politics because I know some of you are already pissed because you found out I was an elephant :) Just go vote. We can still be friends.

I officially hate winter. I liked the snow, the ice was pretty (for like 2.4 seconds) but this dreadful cold stinks. I went to get the mail and my nostrils froze together and you can see your breath in our mudroom! I'm suprised that poor Baylor wasn't frozen to the wall this morning. We moved him into his "big boy" bed and he is up against the wall and since our house is over 100 years old, it's slightly drafty. Lonnie is on a mission to buy another space heater for his room. I've been trying to keep the heat low because of cost, but I broke down at turned it up to 65 (that's huge) and it feels like Florida in here :)

Stay warm!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Reso-goal-ultions

2008 comes in with a bang...or more like a cry. Gone are the days of staying up until midnight to catch a smooch from a loved one and watching Dick Clark usher in the new year...except for last night! How ironic that my sweet little bundle of joy awoke with a cry at 10:58pm (NY time) and I got to watch the ball drop in New York. I can't remember the last time I did that. I know, I know, one my my reso-goal-ulutions as I like to call them is to stop complaing about how much Brody does not sleep and embrace his babiness and cute chubby legs. but gosh darn it it's hard to do that when he wakes up every two hours for some unforsaken reason. I will blame teeth and a snoot full of snot on this one.
So here they are, the long awaited reso-goal-ultions...why the name you ask? I think resoultions are silly and very breakable, but goals are nicer and much more attainable. Some are silly and some are serious. ( yes, I can be serious too)
1. Like I said before, less complaining about lack of sleep and more embracing of the baby days, they'll be gone in an instant and like Lonnie says, 'soon you'll be sleeping like a baby too!" oh, I can't wait...bring it on.
2. Less baking, more veggies. This will be a hard one, just like coloring and play-dough, baking for me is very theraputic.
3. Cardio and weights. Who knew having a baby would make you loose weight (i'm patting myself of the back right now) I'm at the weight I was in high school and the weight that is actually on my driver's liscense :) I just need to tone the flab now. No more sprinter's butt....just a white mama's butt.
4. Spend quality time in the word and reading scripture to Baylor every morning at breakfast.
5. I will sort the laundry better and unfold the socks before throwing them in the wash.
5.5 I will also check the pockets of things for chapstick, gum or ink pens before throwing them in the wash.
6. Make a conscious effort to call my friends and check up on them, offer help or just make them smile. I hate the phone and this in turn makes me look like a bad friend because I don't pick it up enough. More chatting I guess...I'm so not the chatting kind of girl, unless I haven't spoken to an adult in a few days and then the flood gates of conversation are open!
7. More touching. (not that way, get your mind out of the gutter) I'm talking about loving on Lonnie. His love language is physical touch, weather that be a kiss, hug, hair rub or foot massage. I'm horrible at it, i'm not a touchy person at all and I need to make a goal to at least show him some love (even though sometimes I feel like i'm a walking pair of boobs)
8. Just living life and having fun. Having fun wtih baylor, laughing, getting dirty, not worrying about naps or chores or laundry or dishes! Seriously, how often do you get to wrestle or play in the snow or have a tea party (yes, my boy likes tea parties) on the living room floor. The dust can wait, childhood does not!

These are just a few that I felt like sharing with you all. I hope everyone had a delightful New year and don't forget to write 2008 on your checks now! I love reading your comments and hearing from you. Happy New Year!!