Friday, January 25, 2008

Booger sucker and garbage tags

Imagine my suprise when I opened my birthday card from Gramma MiMi and 20 bucks fell out. Sweet, I think to myself (very selfishly).... 20 dollars for ME....all ME,....mine, mine mine! I imagine all of the wonderful things I will buy for 20 bucks (2o bucks is a lot for us, trust me!) coffee...maybe some chocolate or nice lotion. I can't remember the last time I had money that was designated strictly to me :) BUT we all know this story. It's not sad, it's just what happens when you have kids. My children both came down with nasty colds and they are erupting factories of snot right now, so at three in the morning, I stumble through the house looking for the darn booger luck. So I had to go to the Pharmacy and ask the lady for a nasal aspirator...she gave me a funny look so I rephrased....I mean booger sucker. Then, Lonnie comes to me and says we need garbage tags and we have no cash (do I look like a bank? I wish) So folks, I would like to tell you what I got for my birthday....a booger sucker and garbage tags :) but I'd rather have happy snot free kids than a twenty dollar bill...I haven't decided about the garbage tags yet :) and I love spending money on my kids, I'd rather buy them gifts than myself any day. I did have a great birthday though, I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family that made my day very special! I got some spectacular cards and gifts...way more than I could have asked for and need!! So thanks for all the great presents, phone calls and cards. Dad came through with his last minute crazy gift...thanks Dad!

On a more serious less sarcastic note, pray for Brody and his tummy. He was up again from 2am-until around 5am crying in pain and arching his back. We can't figure out if it's from reflux, if he has a tummy ache, gas, or what. I'm running on about two hours of sleep, which is okay becuae that is what coffee is for, but we hate seeing him in pain and want to know what's up. He has his sixth month check up in two weeks, but I don't know if I can wait that long.

I'm off to suck some boogers.


worked in a NICU said...

If he's arching his back and turning his head to the right it's most likely reflux. Small doses of Zantac can help. The book "Infant Massage" by Vimala McClure also has strokes and a "routine" you can do to relieve gas/colic pain. Good luck.

Kim said...

We missed you this morning. I thought we were past the booger stage of post-croup...until we walked into Amy's house. The faucet turned on and the coughing got bad. Ugh!