Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Eat your veggies

In a mad attempt for my child to eat more veggies, I busted out the carrots and ranch dip this morning for our mid-mornning snack. I even imitated a bunny, hoping to interest him in the little crunchy orange veggies. To my suprise, he grabbed the carrot and dunked it in the ranch....and then licked the ranch off the carrot...and then did it again...and again...until all of the ranch was gone and NONE of the carrots were!! Oh well, I get brownie points for trying. Maybe he got some small amount of vitamins through licking the carrots :) I'm thinking of liquifying the veggies and sneaking them into cookies or something.....but that could possibly defeat the purpose.

It's a gloomy Iowa day, but it's warm!! Well, warm for January...around 45 degrees and raining. A perfect sit inside drink tea, read magazines, listen to YoYo Ma's unacompanied Cello Suite (yes, I'm a dork) If only my children would take loooooong naps so I can accomplish absolutly nothing today :) I have a feeling I'll be playing trains rather than reading and listening to the Tractor song rather than YoYo Ma. Maybe the rain will wash away all the nasty brown sand and mud and dog poo all over our yard. It's like God is flirting with spring and getting our hopes up, only to slam us with another winter storm next week. Oh well, I like change anyways.


Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

Ha! Isabella does the same thing with ranch and carrots. Thing is, she can eat a whole bottle of ranch (if i let her) and not gain a pound!

Kim said...

Except for the fact that he'll eat some veggies (especially carrots) if they're roasted, I've resorted to pureeing (I have no idea how to spell that) them and sneaking them in stuff. Carrots in a grill cheese sandwich have gone undetected so far!