Sunday, January 6, 2008

Grocery store meltdown

I will start with praising God and knocking on wood, Brody slept from 8:30 until six!!! A new record and hopefully a new phase in sleeping. He also took a two hour nap this morning before chruch, which is quite unheard of in the Speidel house. I will not complain if this pattern continues, but I won't be bummed if it was a fluke either (can't get my hopes up yet!)

I decided that Baylor needed some one on one mom time so silly me thought we could go to Gary's (the local grocery store that jacks up their prices but you can't go anywhere else) and get some milk and bread. My first mistake was it was BEFORE nap time...what was I thinking. We entered the store perky and happy and smiling because he got to push the kid cart around the store (knocking over displays and hitting people in the shin) I believe it was half way between the bread and milk where the meltdown began to transpire. I could sense it in his cute little face and body language that he was going to either burst into tears or take off running...he chose the latter. At least I can thank God for my son's brillant speed, if he doesn't run track I'm going to be mad. So there I was hunched over a pint sized cart with a broken wheel trying to catch the runaway monkey who eneded up in the liqour isle (I, I could use a bottle of this right about now) He finally came running back after I gave him the evil mom stare and used ESP to send a spanking message to his brain. We headed to the checkout as fast as my little cart would take me as I placed him under one arm. I'm not sure what it is about tantrums, but when he gets mad he melts into a pool of toddler mush. His body becomes limp and it is almost impossible to pick him up, it's like tackling a jellyfish. Well, we made it out of the store (after the entire town saw us and heard us) but never again will there be grocery shopping before nap time :) I still love him though :)

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