Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heat wave

We're havin a heat wave...a tropical heat wave....Holy cow, it's a balmy25 degrees!! Bust out your shorts and sunglasses! (If you could see my white legs, you'd definatly need sunglasses. )

Lonnie took Baylor to practice this morning and he was soooooo excited. I had a meeting and took Brody with me, so Baylor played at the track all morning. I went to go pick him up and he had no pants on and was riding the exercise bike...hmmmm Leave him with dad and he's half naked!! Apparently he spilled something on his pants and wanted to play in the sand naked...don't we all! Brody slept better last night, he's still erupting volumous amounts of mucus from his nose and sometimes eye balls. He's starting to crawl!!! Only 5 1/2 months and ready to move. It's funny to watch, he gets up on his knees and just rocks back and forth, as if he were waiting to pounce on some prey. We're in for it when he starts moving. He has gotten quite the palette for baby foods. His favorites seem to be carrots, squash, sweet potato, prunes, bananas and applesauce. He has actually gotten a little better with the green veggies, but like the rest of his family, he tends to lean towards the sweeter vegetables. Apparently we are the family that eats sweet things too...gesh, can't we be known for something other than food about the family that has incredible legs or the family who's kids always behave? I will say that I am one heck of a cake maker though (and now I have a sweet silicone bundt cake pan...let the baking begin!) Hey, I guess we're just one sweet family.

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