Wednesday, January 16, 2008

High and Tight

The Speidel "men" got haircuts this morning (I'm so jealous!) They stepped into my haircutting studio aka known as the kitchen. We went for high and tight, military style, cause that's how I run this house :) Brody even got a little snip snip off the sides, until he tried eating the scissors and then I had to quit. He's going to have his dad's hair, nice and thick (and then he'll start greying when he's 21) Lonnie doesn't believe me that I think grey hair is sexy, but I've always loved the salt and pepper look. I've been waiting for a haircut for soooo long, in fact I asked for one for my birthday. My buddy Shannon came through with a gift certificate for a haircut!!! I just can't get a hold of the hair lady.....and my mullet gets longer every day. I think we should all just go Britney bald and then we'd solve a lot of problems. Nobody would judge you because of your haircut. It's getting close to naptime, I'm going to try to steal one too, it was a rough night for Brody and then he was up babbling at 6am. In my half awake state of consciousness, it was hard not to smile becuase he sounded so cute, even at six in the morning.

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Brigitte & Ben Johnson said...

So, are you growing it out or cutting it short? :-)