Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I want my abs back...

I wouldn't trade anything (including stretch marks) for my beautiful boys and the wonderful experiences that come with being a mom. However, I want my abs back. I know they're hiding under there somewhere, under the white "mommy pooch" I've been dedicating Seasame Street time into abs of steel time with the gigantic exercise ball. Baylor says, " mom, you will make you big and strong...and it's good for you." Yes, very true Baylor. I'm not sure about the big part, but I'll take the strong along with some killer abs again. I miss being a collegiate athlete with designated training times and weight room regiments. If only they had a mommy boot camp for ex-college athletes to get back into shape again. I have found that dancing in the kitchen, running around the living room and playing a good game of hide and seek does burn calories though....and that is waaaaaaay more fun that running in the cold. I may not have my athlete abs, but I do have some amazing boys to show off :)

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Crazy Mom said...

Hi Keri,
Found your blog looking at other "mom blogs", a pasttime of mine. I also have 2 boys, 2 yrs. apart, and a daughter, 13 months younger than my youngest boy. In other words, 3 kids in 3 years! Funny how in even in different states all moms face the same issues! (And really, really, really crave alone time to boot.)

Coincidentally, I'm pretty sure I when to college with your hubby too! Small, Small world. Tell Lonnie Jen from Elmhurst says Hi!

Keep writing about those cute baby boys of yours, and remember, things only get more interesting!

Jen in Chicago