Sunday, January 20, 2008

If I could sell dog hair, I'd be rich

Seriously. Who knew dogs shed in the winter? I would have thought that since it was freezing, the more hair the better. Apparently my dogs feel the need to shed any excess hair ALL OVER MY HOUSE. Just when you think you have it all vacuumed up, you find a dog hair in one of your kid's noses or all over your butt from sitting on the couch. When company comes, I've been known to "rake" the couches. Now this has been a major source of frustration with me for a long time and I've even contemplated getting rid of them because I'd rather play with my children than spend my time sweeping up dog hair. I do love them though and no matter how much I threaten to sell them, I will probably end up keeping them until they croak. Here is a photo of the little boogers now.....aren't they cute though? They're good huntin dogs (even though we don't hunt) they hunt toys, socks, used kleenex, dinosaurs and underwear.
It's still mighty cold today. The car thermometer read 1.....Yes, 1. That is without the wind-chill. I was a heathen today and we played hookie from church. Baylor was in rare form by the time we realized what time it was, we were still in P.J's and eating breakfast. I made an executive decision to stay warm and stay home. I know, I know I'm sorry. I did however, get to go run! I went to Cornell and ran on the treadmill and lifted weights. I had forgotten that I owned some of these muscles. I'm pretty sure tomorrow I will not be able to move. I miss running!! My goal is at least three times a week. Baylor and I are going on a, "date" this afternoon after naps. I promised him yesterday and by golly if he didn't remember. I think we'll make a trip to the evil empire (as my dad calls it) of Wally World....detergent, butter and maybe Thomas the Train.

I also got my hair cut....finally, no more mullet :) Here is a photo from the side. I kind of look like an elf with my ear sticking out though. I love it, it's easy...hooray for short hair.

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