Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Motherhood is not a competition

As soon as you start popping kids out, it seems like everything babe raising has to be a competition. Don't get me wrong, I'm one of the fiercest competitors in many things (running, sequence, strip poker) just ask my husband, but mothering does not top my list. Although it is a hard skill to master, competing with other mamas seems trivial. Put a bunch of moms in a room and they talk about silly things like whose baby can hold off eating sugar the longest, the organic diapers they hand sewed this morning, how much had picked fruit they pureed for homemade baby food, how many veggies their child consumes a day and the length of their mama Pilate's class along with shoe size, Spanish they've taught your nino, how often they wash their sheets to the gourmet meal they prepare every night for your family. It makes me want to run and hide in my Chinese toy filled car with my store bought diapers, jarred baby food and dirty sheets. Kids grow, learn, smell and eat differently. It's not a fair game anyways, so quit competing. They even use secret stealth tactics and claim that they don't do it, but we all know in their heads they're strategizing what move they will make next. Will it be the anti thrift shop shuffle or the loathing of french fries draw. Ah, the perplexity of the mama mind. I am very proud to say that I love thrift stores, don't make my own baby food (those containers make excellent paint jars) and I know it's time to wash my sheets when I can't remember the last time I washed them. I also have a few toys made in China, I let my two year old cook...ON THE STOVE (shriek!) and watch...(gasp!)......the boob tube (in moderation of course) I'm not dissing on any mom that has the time, energy and amazing stamina to do a number of the items listed above, I simply want to put an end to all competition for mom of the year. ....because I have it in the bag :)


Kim said...

Wow, that good of a day, huh? Philip and I were just talking about this last night because he didn't think people in our group of friends did this. Guess you have to have 'girl radar' to pick it up. I suppose we're all guilty of it from time to time, but now that we know you're winning we'll all relax!

Philip said...
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Philip said...

Hum... and here I was thinking that wives did all these things just so the husband had bragging rights around the water cooler? Who knew?!? (Wow, I am going to get hit for that one. ;-)

(blasted spelling) :-)