Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Reso-goal-ultions

2008 comes in with a bang...or more like a cry. Gone are the days of staying up until midnight to catch a smooch from a loved one and watching Dick Clark usher in the new year...except for last night! How ironic that my sweet little bundle of joy awoke with a cry at 10:58pm (NY time) and I got to watch the ball drop in New York. I can't remember the last time I did that. I know, I know, one my my reso-goal-ulutions as I like to call them is to stop complaing about how much Brody does not sleep and embrace his babiness and cute chubby legs. but gosh darn it it's hard to do that when he wakes up every two hours for some unforsaken reason. I will blame teeth and a snoot full of snot on this one.
So here they are, the long awaited reso-goal-ultions...why the name you ask? I think resoultions are silly and very breakable, but goals are nicer and much more attainable. Some are silly and some are serious. ( yes, I can be serious too)
1. Like I said before, less complaining about lack of sleep and more embracing of the baby days, they'll be gone in an instant and like Lonnie says, 'soon you'll be sleeping like a baby too!" oh, I can't wait...bring it on.
2. Less baking, more veggies. This will be a hard one, just like coloring and play-dough, baking for me is very theraputic.
3. Cardio and weights. Who knew having a baby would make you loose weight (i'm patting myself of the back right now) I'm at the weight I was in high school and the weight that is actually on my driver's liscense :) I just need to tone the flab now. No more sprinter's butt....just a white mama's butt.
4. Spend quality time in the word and reading scripture to Baylor every morning at breakfast.
5. I will sort the laundry better and unfold the socks before throwing them in the wash.
5.5 I will also check the pockets of things for chapstick, gum or ink pens before throwing them in the wash.
6. Make a conscious effort to call my friends and check up on them, offer help or just make them smile. I hate the phone and this in turn makes me look like a bad friend because I don't pick it up enough. More chatting I guess...I'm so not the chatting kind of girl, unless I haven't spoken to an adult in a few days and then the flood gates of conversation are open!
7. More touching. (not that way, get your mind out of the gutter) I'm talking about loving on Lonnie. His love language is physical touch, weather that be a kiss, hug, hair rub or foot massage. I'm horrible at it, i'm not a touchy person at all and I need to make a goal to at least show him some love (even though sometimes I feel like i'm a walking pair of boobs)
8. Just living life and having fun. Having fun wtih baylor, laughing, getting dirty, not worrying about naps or chores or laundry or dishes! Seriously, how often do you get to wrestle or play in the snow or have a tea party (yes, my boy likes tea parties) on the living room floor. The dust can wait, childhood does not!

These are just a few that I felt like sharing with you all. I hope everyone had a delightful New year and don't forget to write 2008 on your checks now! I love reading your comments and hearing from you. Happy New Year!!

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