Friday, February 29, 2008

Is this heaven? No, it's called sleep.

Amazing. I'm pretty sure I forgot what sleep felt like...even to have him sleep for more than four hours..BUT the whole night, amazing!!! I'm still not sure what clicked in his abnormally small head, but I'm not going to ask questions, just continue thanking Jesus. His new name is snaggle tooth, because he has just one of the top teeth and slightly resembles a hillbilly. He also has this amazing head of puffy fuzz, which is starting to turn more blond. My hair on the other hand keeps getting darker with each child (and we won't talk about Lonnie's hair, even though I find grey hair very sexy)

This morning was play date (my day off!!) but we had to play musical car. So Baylor is playing (with a bunch of younger girls..way to go son!) Brody is sleeping, I'm at home with him, Lonnie is running errands before he leaves for the weekend conference track meet, then back to pick me up, drop him off, pick Baylor up....etc These are the morning that I wish we had another car...or a mo-ped :) I'm seriously considering getting fun would that be. I've always wanted to be a biker chick in leather and lots of tattoos (don't ask) but I'll have to settle for the less harsh version of a mom with a mo-ped. I want a huge orange flag on the back, and a basket and I want a skull cap helmet and goggles! It would be perfect for running errands in town, or maybe I would let Lonnie borrow it and go to work. We could save on gas and stress of playing musical car. Maybe we should just buy a front loader and then we could dig out of all this snow! We are four inches from the record of the most snow

Well, I must return to Mt.Laundrymore (it somehow reappeared) I told Lonnie he should just turn his underwear inside out and he could get another day out of it...he wasn't too thrilled. It's Friday! It's me and the boys tonight and tomorrow, with Lonnie gone for Conference track. Can you believe they start outdoor track soon? Looks like they'll be doing more digging than running. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

By golly, I think he's got it

Four nights in a row...sleeping from 7:30ish to 6ish. Now, this is the part where a light comes from heaven and I hear the sweet chorus of angels singing (ahhhhhh) Hallelujah! Knock on wood, cross my fingers, pray to God that this is not a fluke or a blip on his radar. Baylor, the eternal non-sleeper may have figured it out folks....and the funny part is, he is getting his top two teeth (so don't you blame nonsleeping on teeth!) It also may be attributed to the fact that he is moving all over the place and climbing up stairs, boxes or anything in his way....VERY DETERMINED! So I feel like a few woman, I had forgotten what seven or eight straight hours of sleep felt like....oh yes, HEAVEN!!!!! So big praise God, hopefully it continues....forever.

I used my valentines gift this morning (the massage!) and it was amazing. I'm pretty sure I could have stayed in there for another five hours. I feel so relaxed and if I could just find me some chocolate....

Baylor is uber cranky today (could be cause his dad slept with him last night because he was up crying for some odd reason) we can't win, two sleeping kids would be unheard of :)

Guess what?


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Persistant and strong willed

Within a week, Brody has managed to go from very careful crawling/ the worm to motoring across the living room floor. This morning, I ran into the kitchen to grab something and left him in the living room, came back and he was far from where I left him. He was over on the stairs trying soooo hard to get up that first step. Now, as a family, we aren't the tallest in the world. In fact, before we had kids we were sure they'd end up looking like nickname in college was stumpy if that gives you any indication. So crawling at 6 1/2 months is pretty impressive to me and so he is still pretty short and so he can't reach his chubby little legs up to that first step, but that doesn't stop him from trying. What a persistant child. I promptly picked him up and placed him back where he was in front of toys. Screw the toys mom, I want adventure, I want stairs....WE HAVE A CLIMBER. Within two seconds, he was back over to the stairs working his hardest and standing on his very tippy toes trying to get to that stair. He was not going to give up. Wow. If only we had such strong will and desire in our daily lives to keep trying and not give up so easily! Yet another thing I learn from my children.
This morning I grabbed Baylor to give him a hug and he felt thinner around the waist..hmmmmm no diaper? Where in the heck did it go? I felt all down his legs and then looked at his footy pajamas and there was this enormous squishy wet blob at the bottom of his foot. Gross. Apparently it didn't bother him that his diaper had fallen off and worked it's way down to his feet. It was hilarious though.

So my summer project is painting our kitchen cabinets. They are about three different shades and two different kinds of wood. I pulled out my idea file and got the paint chips out and started planning my attack. The backsplash tiles are cobalt, the counter is greyish purpleish blueish, the fridge is cream, walls are beige, stove and dishwasher are white....soooooo I'm trying to pick a color that won't make us dizzy and pulls it all together. I'm thinking a very light shade of greyish blue with new cabinet hardware (silver or black iron) Ahhhh so many choices.
Speaking of summer....oh, can't wait. I want to teach Baylor to swim before we hit the pool this summer because watching Baylor and Brody at the same time in water..not so much fun. That's not to say I won't watch my kids in the pool, but it makes it much easier when you know one of them can swim. I learned to swim around three and my mom threw me (literally) in the water at six months and watched me surface....I love water. I love watching the kids come to the pool with floaties, full body life jacked suits, flippers, goggles and a sun hat.....and then they sit in the shallow end(probably because they can't move) C'mon teach them how to swim, slather some waterproof spf50 on their body and you'll feel so much better! Last summer Baylor cried when he couldn't go off of the diving board...this summer we tackle the diving board and maybe even the water slide.

Hammy the squirrel, our newest annoying pet has a girlfriend. We shall call her peanuts and they both need to be shot. I asked Lonnie for a pellet gun, but he said I would either get arrested or hit the neighbors truck. You're no fun man. I guess I'll have to resort to throwing rocks and when the weather gets warmer, using the hose.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Look mom, I'm sleeping....

Riiiiiight. Is that a smile I see Baylor? What a happy kid to be smiling in your sleep :) He also decided to put "space hats" on himself and his little brother.

Let's see...rundown of morning adventures....

1. Painted wooden train found at goodwill for 1.50....more paint on Baylor, chair and table than train. He found it more entertaining to paint the newspaper (it was the obituaries, he liked painting their faces...sorry Mildred)

2. Re-arranged more furniture....gosh darn it...can't get outside so I have to do something to spice it up in here every once in a while. I'm going to write a book someday...124.6 ways to rearrange your house in a week.

2.5 I tried to read a little bit of a magazine, but Baylor tells me, "mom, put that magazine down!" Sorry kid.

3. Dishes.....Mt.Laundrymore....seriously, how many more clothes can a man wear in a week? I like wearing jeans until they can stand up on their own :)

4. Cookie for breakfast before the healthy whole grain oatmeal and almonds....yum.

5. Brody took power nap BUT he slept for 10 straight hours!!!! That is one for the record books.

6. Played hide-n-seek (or more like just hide) with Baylor and then he "made" me lunch in his new kitchen set

7. Looked at the dirty floor and walked right past the mop

8. Lunch...grapes, bananas, easy mac, carrots (which were gagged and spit out...but at least he tried) Brody liked them though.....maybe I'll raise one good eater.

9. Went through Baylor's pants and shirts...I swear this kid grew over night, he had a few high water jeans and tiny tees in there.

10. Saved Brody from the stairs...yes, the stairs...he's found the stairs!!! Yikes.

This afternoon, after naps is Library and post office....if it's not too cold...which I believe it is. The library is only two blocks away, but without a car in winter it becomes quite the adventure. Since there is about ten feet of snow piled up to our mailbox, we've had to get our mail at the post office, which isn't bad, we just keep forgetting to pick it up. I was telling Lonnie how I feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog know, when he wakes up every day and it's the same day over and over and over again.......I'm not complaining, because I'd much rather have that then get up and take my kids to daycare, but I can see why mom's minds turn to mush quicker than most :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ah, the sweet aroma of spray paint

If this post makes no's probably because I can't think straight due to an excess of spray paint odor. Why? I will tell you. I got a little antsy on some of my projects and couldn't wait to get outside (and it's raining/sleeting/snowing today) and found this great stool at Goodwill for three bucks. I proceeded to heat the mudroom (before this, it was around 34 degrees) with the space heater in order to bring the temp up to par with spray painting standards. Got my beautiful red spray paint can out and went to town on the stool. Next time...door will be open....fumes kind of stinky. Turns out that the stool had some weird coating on it that was invisible to the naked eye and now it looks like it has some strange skin disease, but kind of cool. We'll see how it turns out...hey, it was three bucks.

Our house was baby proofed from Baylor, but slowly the socket protectors came out in order to vacuum and then glass things went back on the tables because Baylor was more interested in his toys. I usually wash my floors once or twice a week depending on the severity of the dirt and weather. Now, since Brody is mobile, I will have to hide all cords, put more plugs in and wash my floors more (ugh, I hate washing floors!) He found the cabinet today and was super excited to pull everything out (aha, I remember these days!!!) He is also very angry that he can't walk and tries his darnedest to pull himself up but just can't muster enough strength for those sexy thunder thighs...soon, very soon. Baylor entertained himself by using our kitchen/office trash can (yes, it's an old Coke container) as a drum...and then a helmet. His creativity still amazes me everyday.

OPERATION POTTY: um mm, not going so well. This is one defiant child when it comes to potty training. I was all set to put the big boy pants on this morning and give it a try, but Baylor ran screaming out of the room. That answers my question and his response to, "Hey, Baylor you can be like Ellie and go to the potty in the big boy potty." (Ellie is his friend) was priceless.

"No, mom! I no want to be like Ellie! I'm not Ellie, I'm a boy and Ellie is a girl." Very true son, very true. So, we wait.

DOG DILEMMA: Okay, this might seem really weird to some of you, but it happens at my house and the neighbors are beginning to wonder. My two dogs are not spayed (they're both girls) because it is waaaaay to expensive for us right now. At the moment they are in heat and can't stop "getting busy" with each other.....Lesbians? No. Crazy? Yes. Try explaining this behavior to a two year old (yes, they're wrestling!) and watch as the high school boys drive by your yard for the third time laughing. Great, we're going to be known as the humping dog house. What's going on?!

SPRING CLEANING: Every spring, I make this enormous list of what I need to clean, launder, sort, throw out, organize etc. I go through each room and make a detailed list and tackle one room each day. It's that time of year again, time to start thinking of how to deep clean this house and all the winter blues. I am a cleaning product junkie, love to try new cleaning products and techniques to make things sparkle. This year, it's all about using baking soda and vinegar instead of some of the harsh chemicals I like to disinfect my house with. I'm still all about anti-germies but with two boys, I'll have to scale back my chemical addiction.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Flying crab and more snow

Yes! Date night. Every time we would schedule a date night, something would happen, but this time we actually enjoyed about two and a half hours....alone...whew! It's kind of funny though, I had been looking forward to being alone with Lonnie and without kids for a while, but all I could think of was my kids and how much I missed them....sad ....not really, just love. But I really enjoyed being with Lonnie! We had fun, it was so nice to talk to Lonnie without being interrupted by sailing toys or barking dogs. We ate at Red Lobster with out gift card and staring at the menu was like reading a foreign language to me. First of all, we don't go out to eat very often and especially at restaurants like Red Lobster. I got to eat crab, which I have only done once in my life and I remember why I don't like it. It was like doing surgery (not that I've ever done that either) and pieces of crab were flying all over the place. I had to get a crab cracking demonstration from our waiter. All that work for little pieces of flesh...strange, but good. Next time, easier food. Both boys were great for grandma and grandpa Koser and of course, didn't want to leave. All in all, a great end to the week.

Sooooooo we're supposed to get another snow storm tomorrow. Seriously, this is getting a little old. I spent about an hour outside today with the ice melt and ice chopper thingy, wishing we would have registered for a jackhammer instead of that blender, when we got married. I didn't make that much progress either, only about two cement squares. The ice was about three inches thick. Tomorrow...more snow. Icky.

Oh yes, Lonnie wants me to tell you for the record that Brody is saying, "DA DA DA DA DA" first :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just sit and stare

That's what I did. Sat and my two sleeping boys in the backseat. It was one of those perfect mom moments. No crying, no whining, just pure amazing silence in their perfect peaceful slumber. I soaked up every second I could. I'm pretty sure I sat in the car for about ten minutes. How wonderfully amazing they are. They are two of the most perfect gifts....and even nicer when sleeping :) I love watching them sleep..and since we all know that rarely happens, this was the icing on the cake. My God, He trusts me with them? Am I doing a good job? Am I doing things right? No time for regrets, must work on the future....that happens to be sitting in the backseat sleeping peacefully right now. *deep breath and sigh*

Please pray for our future and doing God's will without interjecting my own agneda. How amazingly hard it is to pray for God's will, when you so desperatly want things to go the way you want.

The boys, my mom and I went to Sam's Club this morning. What a crazy store...these people are nuts...and die hard bulk shoppers. Where else can you go and buy an enormous (and by enormous, I mean you can't get your arms around it) bin or cheese balls, a trampoline, enough laundry detergent for six months and sample your way through lunch on toothpicks and ladies with crazy white hair nets. No, I would not like to sample your terryaki salmon on a stick thank you. Once again, crazy people using abnormally large carts as weapons...on a Saturday when the majority of people are grumpy (except for our checkout lady, she was a ray of sunshine, I wanted to hug her, but I refrained) . I only bought diapers.....and socks (trust me, needed the socks)......and wine (needed that too) What an adventure, but then again anytime I leave the house with both kids is always an adventure.

Date night...t-minus 19 hours and counting....hooray. Red Lobster here we come. Can't wait.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Nap Nazi and Man-date

Yes, it's true. I have become what I said I would never become...the nap nazi. I plan my day around my children's nap and sometimes...yes, sometimes don't leave the house because it will interfere with Brody's morning, but very sacred nap. Oh dear. I will now try to defend the reasoning behind my nap crazed life. You see, when Brody misses his morning nap the whole darn day is totally thrown off. Missed morning nap...takes early afternoon super-di-douper cranky all afternoon and evening (especially when fixing dinner) Then he gets overtired and wakes up more at night (not that is a big surpise to anyone) So I guess, until he is down to one nap in the afternoon, I will be the nap nazi. Who knew that your life would be controlled by a sixth month old who rarely sleeps anyways!
Baylor and his daddyeo went on a Man-date tonight. (you have to say it in a very manly voice too) Yes, you heard me It was precicely that.....manly (trying to make up for the play kitchen in bright pink that someone let us borrow for a while...hey, the kid likes to cook!) So they went and did manly things like shop at the hardware store for new garbage cans (ours froze to the ground and then split down the middle and we can't find the lids under two feet of ice and snow) then they went to the video store and Lonnie grabbed the most manly movie that was available...300 (I said manly, not the best) Lots of fighting, gnashing of teeth, blood, sweat and testosterone (Baylor and I will be long in bed before this gets going) Then, after their fill of power tools and hardware, they did what any normal manly man would do....get ice cream. I asked them to bring me some home....I got Baylor's left-over melted sundae...thanks guys. They had a great time and I got to spend some quality time with my mama. We drank tea, looked at girlie magazines, talked kids and baby poop. Nothin better to end the day than talking about the consistancy of your son's stools. Priceless.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Great Sitter Search

Holy cow. This is why we never go anywhere. Finding a babysitter. I am very spoiled and very lucky to have my mother close so she can watch the boys at a seconds notice. I did not know how hard it was to find someone to watch two sleeping kiddos. It turns out that both Lonnie and I are going to gone tonight and mom is not available. I started my search a few days ago, silly me. I should have started a month ago. So desperate for adult conversation and good music (it's band night!) plus I'm not supposed to miss rehearsals if at all possible (and darned if I was going to's my only night out!!) I had to unleash the dogs this morning....go on a mad sitter hunt. I called everyone I could think of and even had my band director looking for college kids to watch them. I was beginning to think that I would be spending my night like every other night these past two home....with my doggies....and two sleeping boys....playing scrabulous with Kort. (Lonnie has had late practices by the way...he still lives here...I think) Then, when I was about to throw in the towel, BAM! Three people called in a row that could babysit!! Hooray. Praise God. Way too much stress though. Another positive...Brody was only up once and he put himself to sleep on his own for his afternoon nap (this is big folks) Granted, he only slept for twenty minutes. Floors are clean, couches are de-haired, dishes done and laundry is drying! Take that! (invision me doing the sweatpants dance right now!) Oh yea!!! Baylor actually walked upstairs after lunch and said, "I'm going to go check for butterflies mom." Which is what we do before we go to sleep because for some strange and unexplainable reason, he thinks there are butterflies under his bed.....and I'm pretty sure the last time I checked, butterflies weren't deadly or scary (but maybe to a two year old they are) We read one book and he said, "goodnight." holy cow. There is silence in this house...actually, a little dance music for me playing in the background.

A friend told me this morning that in six weeks we'll be in April, which is very true. What a good way to look at it. Instead of counting the icky cold snowy days, think that in the time it takes to heal a bone...we'll have warmer weather and easter eggs! I got a great magazine today in the mail with pretty flowers and a picnic outside, which made me long for spring..heck, even summer! It will be here soon enough, so I will not sulk inside (okay, maybe whine just a little inside) but I'll make the best of what we got. Sunday will be great snow dino making weather, I'm thinking this time I might try a giant fish or lion. There is so much snow, I might even make myself a little igloo.

I also tried this new thing called GOOT. Garlic Olive Oil Treatment. Pretty cool, kind of smelly (if you like the smell of garlic bread you'll love it) but you mix olive oil, minced garlic, coconut oil together, strain and cool in fridge. Then you put it on your tootsies. It's supposed to help with all sorts of ailments like colds, tummy aches, etc. The garlic is good for you and so is the oil. I have rubbed it on Brody and myself and I can actually tell a difference. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks Janice!!

Have a delightful Thursday...almost Friday.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thankful (yet frozen) hearts

This is the scene when you look out our mudroom door (which by the way is frozen open) I decided that they looked mighty deadly, so I got out my trusty broom and knocked them all down. Now I have a nice pile of ice on top of the two feet of snow, frozen garbage cans and snow filled recycling bin. Garbage day should be interesting. I feel for you Mister garbage man.

I knew that drilling "please, thank you and excuse me" into Baylor's vocabulary would prove to be very beneficial down the road...and I am correct. I can't tell you how amazing it is to hear, "thanks mom for the cinnamon rolls," or " thanks for the presents and the toys you gots me." come out of the mouth of a two year old (and this is without promting) He even told his father, "thanks for wrestling with me dad," last night before he left for practice ( I even saw a hint of tear in Lonnie's eye ) He's workin the gratitude thing very very well. We try to talk about having a thankful heart around our house, even though sometimes none of us have one. It doesn't need to be Thanksgiving to review what we are thankful for everyday. I will now take the advice of a small child and be thankful for the littlest things like cinnamon rolls and dinosaurs!! Right now, I am very thankful for both boys napping, the space heater at my feet and despite the fact it's -10, the sun is out!

Rough night again. Running on fumes. Lonnie stayed home this morning because he's gong all night..BUT these two weeks of crazy track practice are almost over. I am also so excited to announce that we have finally picked a day for our date (which we have been waiting almost two months for!!!) SUNDAY, SUNDAY, SUNDAY. We have a giftcard to RedLobster (hooray!) and a giftcard to Starbucks (double hooray!) so our date will be free! (triple jump up and down hooray!) Boys will be at Gramma Kris and Papa's house. Ahhh, adult conversation, buttery fattening seafood plus caffeine....excellent.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thou shalt not compare

This is called the "sexy baby" pose. He's working on a career in modeling.
Okay, so I was told never to compare children and so on and so forth, but I busted out the Baylor's baby book to see how he compared with the sleeping (or lack therof) patterns of his little brother. Much to my suprise, I found that Baylor was only waking once at sixth months(even though he didn't sleep through the night until around 18 months)...and his crazy little brother is waking 2-4 times. Not cool. I let him cry through the first waking (3 hours after he went down at 7pm) and he put himself back to sleep after about 10 minutes of fussing (not wailing) Then, back up at 12:30 and then 2:30 and then 4:30 (I think, at this point it was a blur) So I sit here very confused and exhausted as to why my children refuse to sleep. I have accepted the fact that I will not sleep again for another 20+ years, but I still get a little frustrated. I'm going to try some new things and see how that goes. Brody is going to be running before we know it. He pulled himself all the way up to the crib yesterday and started stepping on the bumpers looking as if he was ready to launch himself out of the crib. Looks like we'll be taking those out. He's also sitting very well and he and Baylor took their first bath together, "unassisted" (which means me in the tub holding Brody or covered in water from holding him up) We only put a little bit of water in the tub and they both had a blast. Brody wanted to attack Baylor and crawl all over him. Baylor couldn't stop laughing. It made for great evening entertainment and giggles.

I made Baylor some bean bags this morning and used an old box, cut a hole in it and put a face on it for him to throw the bean bags in. He is very entertained...for the moment. I also had another mom mush moment. Went to store for milk.(I had to get out of the house or someone was going to get hurt) Bought milk. Bought diapers and flour too. Brought diapers and flour inside. Left milk in car in sub-zero temps. Now we have one frozen gallon of milk. Yum.

So I have found another new passion/addiction. Scrabulous (scrabble) on facebook. My brother and I have scrabble dates every night. Very cool..very addicting. I see it as a mind building exercise and a way to work on my vocabulary.

An in conclusion,let me re-emphasize this blog's purpose..

1. Family and friends updates on the boys and our life

2. Laughter, sarcasm and the occasional political jab

3. Photos baby! Love taking them, love sharing them

4. What it's NOT...perfect (i.e spelling, grammar, whatever)I may be a stay at home mom, but I'm not an idiot...I just type fast and the letter "p" sticks which occasionally throws my words for a loop. Plus, you mind turns to mush after children.....

5. Sanity, needed for mine and maybe yours

6. Ideas for you (crafty, advice, inspiration etc)

6.5 Learning experience...for you and for me

6.75 Communicating with the outside world (think bubble boy)

7. Happiness and world peace :)

So if you like what you read, comment (no grumps please) if you don't...don't read it and never have children.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Cabin Fever

"My daddy is workin hard!" exclaims Baylor this morning as Lonnie headed off to work through the ice and snow. Yes, he does work hard, but he also gets to leave the house....without a car seat and diaper bag. I'm very thankful for getting to stay home, I wouldn't trade it for anything but I do miss those days when I could just drop everything and leave. I wouldn't have to worry if I had enough diapers, if Baylor needed his diaper changed before we got in the car and if our trip would interrupt naptime. I'm not sure my wonderful husband understands what it's like to be secluded from the outside world, without a car and not being able to leave. Granted, he is going to work...but he's going ALONE. I can't even pee alone! "whatcha doing mommy!?" What does it look like child.
It's 4 degrees. Lots of snow. Stuck inside. Yes, I'm whining...and I'm allowed. I had a great morning planned out with my mom who has the day off, but the roads are so bad we can't go anywhere. Baylor and I made a cheesecake (don't worry if was lowfat, and even if it wasn't I'd still eat it) this morning and I finished the laundry and dishes. I'm sure if you added up all the time I spent on those two things, it would add up to a few years! Baylor got a new leapfrog book and has been inthrawled with that for the past few days. He loves those things, I'm going to have to find more at garage sales this summer. Chloe is sitting on my lap right now licking my hand (must be leftover cheesecake) but she's keeping me warm. I keep mispelling words (more than usual) because my fingers just won't move that fast, they're partially frozen. Brody was up a ton last night again. I need to let him fuss a little and put himself back to sleep, I just don't want him to wake Baylor up. This too shall pass... I HOPE!! He has started pulling himself up in the crib and then I see these two little eyes and hear a little giggle as he spots me...crap. I'm going to have to get a privacy screen or pray he starts sleeping through the night so I can put him with his brother. He wants to move so bad, he will crawl (0r more like worm ) his way over any obstacle to get to what he wants. I have a feeling he'll be walking way before Baylor did....which was pretty early...scary....two walking kids!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dr. Baylor

Has a nice ring to it huh? Bayor decided he wanted to play Dr. with Lonnie today and give him shots. Lonnie played along until his face was full of bandaids and then it was time to find a new game.

Snowing again. Suprised?! We're not. This was a wet snow with ice and sleet. It is warmer though, and that is a plus. Good snowman or dino making snow. Bad shovling snow.
Good news...we have poopage from the Brody man. Must have been stuffed with much poo...nasty blowout, I'll spare you the details. Pray that sleep comes next.

I got new boots. Black and white polka dot rain boots. Lonnie says they're hideous, but that makes me love them even more. I am preparing physically and mentally for spring. Bring on the puddles.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

When the pipes don't work...

Poor Brody. Up again all night with belly ache. Poor Brody. Has to have small rocket shaped object placed up his rear in order to get those pipes moving. We went to the Dr this morning because he had a fever and belly issues again last night. He said that he was majorly constipated and put him on more laxatives, prune juice and supositories than a granny. Hopefully that will get things moving and keep things moving. There will be much rejoicing for the poo. We'll see how things go, I'm sure we picked up something from going to the Dr's office filled with walking germs...ugh, it was a cough fest in there. I was secretly hoping an oxygyn mask would pop out of the ceiling with clean air for us to breathe!! I need to go deconatminate. I hate germs.

Lonnie is going to take Baylor to a basketball game at Cornell tonight if he is in a good mood. The poor kid hasn't been out of the house in a week. It's been too cold to go outside, but I think we might venture out today and play in the two feet of snow (with more on the way!) in the backyard. Maybe we'll taunt Hammy and tunnel through snow. I'm hoping for a nap this afternoon, God has given me the strength to make it on a few hours of very interrupted sleep but it's beginning to get to me....everything is beginning to blur.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Bragging rights

My husband wins the V day award. I know, I know I still boycott Vday, but despite the fact that we both said we weren't going to get each other something...Lonnie came through big time( and he didn't even read my subtle hint in the blog) I will use this opportunity to brag about my husband. He has been working so hard these past weeks with hosting a track meet and having late practices and balancing that between being super dad and hubby. So yesterday he came home for lunch and his lovely wife (still in her P.j's mind you and looking mighty sexy) and was toting a little red bag (oh, crap...I didn't get him anything!!!) and inside was the best Vday gift....the best way to his wife's heart...CHOCOLATE......CAFFEINE.....MASSAGE!!!!! He got me my favorite candybar (Caramello) and Starbucks coffee and a gift certificate for a massage at a local place.....Holy cow. Lonnie wins the award for the year. If you know my husband, he has the tendancy to forget birthdays, anniversaries and then comes through with bags of oreos at the last minute (which I love and makes me laugh) so this was a huge...thoroughly planned out suprise.

We also got a great package from Gramma Lila (see thank you photo :) and Baylor was in heaven opening it and seeing toys, books and clothes. Way to go Grandma!! My mom brought us some candy (like we need more sugar!) and valentines from Grandpa and herself, she also watched the boys last night while Lonnie had practice and I had band....I am eternally grateful!!!

Now......let me tell you about Hammy.....our little birdfeeder breakin crazy squirrel. I caught him in action yesterday, after he had knocked the top of the feeder and was gorging himself with birdseed. I let the dogs out and that scared him away for like three seconds then he was back and taunting them. So I guess we have a new pet..welcome to the family Hammy.
Okay, going to play with Baylor now...he's licking me...that's right....licking my arm, running away and licking me. Must be his way of telling me to stop playing on the computer and play with him!! :) Happy Friday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh, what a night

First of all. Happy V day...the most overrated and pointless holiday ever. Everyday should be Valentines day!!! We should show our spouses love all the time, why do we need one day to emphasize LOVE to one another. I boycott Vday. I have also accepted the fact that my lover will never embrace his inner romantic...which is okay. You know you're over flowers and teddy bears when you find doing the dishes or vaccuming very very sexy. I, however will never ever be over chocolate. Lonnie, if you're reading this....I like the dark stuff :) Although, I will always be a hopeless romantic at heart...loving the Jane Austin and I will never ever say no to a romantic dinner that I didn't have to cook. But, all in all, however you choose to spend this silly day, weather it be sending overpriced flowers or rushing to the card store at the last minute or making whoopie, enjoy it...but you should really do that stuff everyday (minus the whoopie part) Drop your loved one a handwritten love letter or do something spontaneous like cleaning the house or emptying the dishwasher, trust me...that is more romantic to some than a dozen roses!! (but do it tomorrow...very unsuspecting!)

So last night was the worst night in Brody history, even worse than the first night at home from the hospital. I wish he could talk and tell me what was wrong. He was up every hour, not sleeping for more than 45 minutes without waking up screaming. I know he was in some sort of GI pain, gas or tummy ache, I don't know, but whatever it was it was hurting him. Maybe teeth? I tried tylenol, gas drops, bouncing, rocking, you name...he wouldn't even nurse. He woke up at 3am with a fever and has had one ever since. He was pretty happy this morning despite the fact neither of us slept. I tried ibuprofin for the fever since he's old enough, so we'll see if his fever goes down. I hope it's not the flu, it's going around and he never got his flu shot. I just want to make him feel better!!

I just want to say thanks to friends and people for reading my blog. My goal is to make someone smile or laugh everyday, maybe even inspire you and keep everyone up to date with our family and the adventures of being a stay at home goddess :) It's been a wonderful creative outlet for me and I hope you continue reading and rock.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shake your booties and quit your whining

So I finished the booties. Not too shabby for my real follow the directions sewing project. I never took home-ec, I was probably in the bandroom or running on the track, so I pat myself on the back. I tried them on Brody and they fit, although a little on the girly side, he tried to eat them like usual. I'm trying to make some out of felt now, we'll see how that goes. I'm channeling my inner Martha Stewart today, although she is a bit dry and uptight. I prefer the break the rules and fly by the seat of your pants approach. We probably wouldn't get along very well.

I'd now like to address the issue of anonymous posts. I recieved a rather grumpy one today and I think they need to simmer down. I believe it was because I addressed global warming...or the lack thereof in my blog a while back. Probably an angry liberal, what's angry liberal. This is my blog, not yours angry liberal person.
This blog is to make you happy and smile and maybe even laugh.
My in-laws bought us this great bird feeder and we have been watching the birds and trying to identify them in the mornings. So I went out and bought two cheapo bird feeders from "the evil empire" and put them in the two other trees in our backyard thinking we'd attract more birds. Not fact, the only creature I've been able to attract is Hammy the squirrel. He's quite an unattractive soul, with parts of his tail missing and he looks grumpy....but he's a smart little booger. He's already gotten the lid of the one birdfeeder, eaten all of the bird seed and is working on bird feeder number two! If I wasn't in town, I'd get the pellet gun out and make me a squirrel hat. (that will probably piss the angry liberal off even more) It's on Hammy.
Enjoy the day, make someone laugh!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catch em' being good

Something my mother always tells me and so I try to catch Baylor doing something good everyday and praise him for it. Which isn't hard, because he is a very good boy (even though sometimes a little cranky...but he's two!) He amazes me with everything he learns and puts into use. He has become very gentle with his brother which is great to see, he was even holding his hand today...for no reason at all :) It's amazing to see the differences between both boys already and how each of their personalities is very different. Baylor is a strong willed yet gentle soul with plenty of drama and Brody has started showing us his crazy determination. What a great combination to raise two amazing boys to hopefully love the Lord and be a chivilrous respectful godly men. I did see a softer side to Lonnie however, he was playing with one of our friends' daughter and as I watched him, he sort of melted into this gentle man. It wasn't like anything I'd seen before with the boys, but very different. If we decide to have another kiddo I was convinced I didn't want a girl, but after seeing Lonnie, I wonder what he would be like around a daughter. Don't worry...not for a looooooong time. One step at a Brody sleeping through the night and Baylor not waking up at night with nightmares....and both boys in the same!!
I'm planning my triathlon training....key word..planning. I can barely get out of the house alone to get groceries, I'm trying to strategize about running, swimming and biking without children...hmmmm might be some early mornings and late nights. What's new.

Trying to sew booties....once again, keyword TRYING. I may design the fabric, but I don't follow directions very well.

Monday, February 11, 2008

It's snowing....again.

Watch out look into those baby blues and batting of the long lashes and you'll be butter...Seriously. Could we stop with the snow already? I won't be able to find Baylor in the backyard soon, I'm already having a hard time finding the dogs :) We're expecting another 3-6 inches on to of the 18 inches already on the ground. Global warming my butt.
Today we reside inside with piles upon piles of toys, blankets, snacks and books surrounding us. We are listening to mom's "dance mix" that features an assortment of songs from Coolio to Grits to Run DMC (don't worry, no naughty words) We've already had a picnic on the living room floor and I got crafty and busted out the sander and started a few of my projects that couldn't wait until spring. I get major crafty fever in winter and bust out all of the paint, sewing machine, spray paint, sanding blocks, nails, glue, etc and go to town.
Brody actually made great strides today in his crawling and we practiced saying mama all weekend...but it sounds more like ba ma ah ba ba...hey, I'll take what I can get. Baylor said ball, dog and dada way before mom, I see where his priorities were. I did get a shower this morning and decided to put my pajamas back on...hooray for the sweatpants dance!! You laugh now, but when you have kids, you'll realize how precious bathing true, so true. I also blew up the inflatable bath turtle for Brody since he's sitting better, but not well enough to risk his life with his big brother in the tub. Both boys got a kick out of sitting in it and once again, Brody tried to eat it. He also loved playing with Baylors fake food...see questionable photo below. I'll let you judge for yourself and then giggle.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grocery shopping heaven

Three words.



I may be one of the most creative people you know when if comes to artsy craftsy decorating fun, heck...give me a cardboard box and I'll give you twenty different toys you can make out of it. Unfortunatly, when it comes to the creativity in the mind goes a blank. I make meal plans and detailed grocery lists and then when I get inside the store...BAM! I panic....throwing random food into the cart, dismissing lists and staring at boxes and cans like I'm in preschool learning to read. I do the same thing with the fridge. I just can't seem to put food together or think of what to have for dinner. It's not that I can't cook, although I prefer baking :) but you can't eat cake for every meal. I also have plenty of resources. I have food in my fridge and just don't know what to put with what to make a meal....grrrrr Must be a gene I'm missing...just like getting lost in my hometown ( I can't find my way out of a paper bag) Plus, people are grumpy when it's cold out and find that freezing their booties off is an excuse to use their shopping cart as a weapon. All I wanted was to get to the green beans, lady......

It's cold....really cold. Looks like tomorrow will be stay in warm P.J's all day day. Slippers and coats all around. Spring where are you? Both boys took good naps while I was out (of course) for dad. Not looking forward to next two weeks, Lonnie has late practices so I'll be putting both boys to bed alone, one of my least favorite activites. One, it's not exactly fun to chase naked two year old while screaming sixth month old wants to nurse and two, Lonnie and I really enjoy putting them to bed by reading, snuggling and spraying for monsters, bears and other large scary creatures. I'll survive, but not so much looking forward to it!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mall Rats

Brody helping me with the laundry....actually eating the laundry basket is much more fun.
With Lonnie gone on the weekends for track meets, I run out of fun and interesting things to entertain a toddler with. We went to dollar general this morning, but I always go in for milk and come out with pillows, a stegasaurus, kit-kat bar and tupperwear....that's how they get ya! So I was about ready to ship Baylor off to Aubudabi first class and decided to head to the mall where they have a germ infested play area. I totally psyched myself up for the trip (thinking, YOU CAN DO THIS!) , bundled the kids up, packed the diaper bag and headed to the mall. Bad idea. Let me give you a brief rundown on how our evening went.

1. Got to mall. Windchill in the negatives. Couldn't open stupid stroller...freezing butt off. Kids screaming.
2. Thought ahead, brought .50 cents for train. ONLY brought .50 cents for train. Mad toddler.
3. Play area fun. Gigantic toothbrush. Baylor actually licked it. Sick tomorrow for sure.
4. Got hit on by two guys (Seriously...I was carrying two kids!!!) But big confidence booster.
5. Fast toddler. Running faster than mom through Baby Gap. Passed up great clearance rack.
6. Angry toddler...not wanting food...wanting ice cream for dinner. FINE. Spills ice cream on new shirt.
7. Leaving mall. Throwing fit. ENTIRE mall watching me. Time out on park bench. Laying screaming on bench. Me ignoring. Lost hat. Found hat. Didn't want hat anymore.
8. Leaving mall. Crying. Got to push button to open door...happy now.

And so on and so forth. I did get out of the house and we did actually have fun, but I do not reccomend with two kids during dinner time. That is why I am a prisoner in my own house sometimes :) Can't wait for Lonnie to get home!!!! I missed him.

Friday, February 8, 2008

In love with himself

Hi, my name is Brody. I'm six months old...and I love myself. I especially love licking and slobbering on the mirror where I admire myself very often. Some of my other pastimes include creating excessive amounts of drool, making sounds that are similar to Chewbaca and boycotting any form of sleep (and driving my mom crazy) I have recently become deathly afraid of strangers, loud noises, people in orange sweatshirts, swinging doors and Chad with the funny hair. I have excellent hair and sexy thunder thighs (this drives the ladies nuts) I laugh at our dogs, my big brother and cardboard boxes. Did I mention how much I love myself?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Foot O' Snow and waffle butt

24 hours later....12 inches later....on top of about 6 inches makes for a nice 18 inches of snow here in the lovely state of Iowa. I am blinded when I look out my window to a sea of white and once in a while a dog head pops out, and then back again...searching for that bunny, mouse or tennis ball lost in the snow. It's funny how we have become such wussies when it comes to snow. Geepers creepers we live in Iowa folks, what do you expect? After the snow yesterday, the roads weren't that bad, but of office...closed....Grocery store...closed!!! Wussies. C'mon people, I needed diapers (not me! for the boys!!) stamps and garbage tags. How do you think the people in Minnesota (our very close neighbors I might add) deal with their snow? Do they shutdown the post office and one and only over-priced grocery store? Nope, doubt it. Anyways, the snow is actually kind of fun and maybe a little pretty...just a little. I still yearn for spring, I even invested in a new pair of bright pink rain excited, now Baylor and I can go puddle jumpin together.
Here is photo of me and the little booger. Not the most photogenic kid, but awfully cute :) The photo below is of me and Baylor and our new train engineer hats...way cool!!

Oh yes...BIG praise. CAR IS PAID OFF!!! Yippeeee!!! Sigh of relief....and only 400 miles until it hits the big 100,000 mark.'re probably wondering what's with the waffle butt...well I will explain. We're trying this potty training deal VERY slowly and far between. Yesterday, I was feeling mighty ambitious and had Baylor running around naked from the waist down so he could go potty in the big boy toilet. Our house, as you may know, is very cold and I had the new space heater that was so very graciously donated to us, in the living room. So I ran upstairs to put Brody down for his nap and hear this scream and then crying. Visions of blood, contusions, stitches and broken bones are running through my head. Then I hear, "mommmmm, I sneezed.." Wow. That was one powerful sneeze kid. So I run back downstairs and see Baylor grasping his little tush and crying. Apparently he was "warming" his netherparts and sneezed and backed up into the heater....and now has this little waffle pattern burned into his right butt cheek....poor kid. It's actually not that bad, and almost kind of funny...okay, it's funny. He's fine and it doesn't hurt (or at least he hasn't mentioned it) So note to self. Do not stand naked in front of space heater and sneeze.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Before and After (a.m painting adventure)

Before. Clean. Still in P.J's. Ready to paint.

After. Painting is fun.....especially when you paint your face. I think I'll leave him like this until dad gets home.

Diggin out, retail therapy and the sweatpants dance

sNOw. Lots of it. Digging out. Going to play in it later.

Retail therapy. Had to get out of house last night to avoid meltdown. Went to Dollar General. Bought girlie magazine. Bought girlie makeup. Feel better.

Sweatpants dance. I wear my P.J's until 1pm. Baylor and I do the sweatpants dance! If you're lucky, I may teach it to you.

Been up since 5am. Lots of caffiene. Talking in short sentances. Going to paint with Baylor now. Later.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Give it to me straight

You children can be brutally honest without even knowing what they're saying. If you ask Baylor a question, he will pretty much say what he's thinking. He told me the other day that he didn't like my shirt....okay, fair. Fortunatly Brody can't speak yet or I'm sure he'd be giving his opinion on my attire too. I think the whole world should operate with this mentality, not say what you're thinking (that could get your in a heap of trouble)....just be honest in a loving way. Like when you ask your husband if these jeans make my butt look big and he answers, "no, dear of course not you're skinny, " It's what you want to hear, but is it really what you want to hear? I think it might hurt but I'd rather hear, "actually they make your butt look a little plump, maybe you should hit the gym...oh, and I'll watch the boys!" I try to give it to people straight, be transparent and tell it like it is. Like when you have your first child, the things they never tell you!! They make it seem like a walk in the park and you'll come home with this perfect bundle of joy (which you do) that never cries (not gonna happen) and is cute (looks more like an alien than a baby) Then the baby gets older and starts smiling (and not sleeping) and crawling (and eating dog food) and eating solid foods (and puking them back out on your new shirt) and so on and so forth. They also don't tell you what a huge blessing your children are, because no one can prepare you for that, but it's the most amazing feeling in the world....being a mom. When your baby grabs your face and tries to eat your nose...priceless. Even through the tough times (like right now when Brody has decided to take 30 minute afternoon naps.!!!!) you still love your kids more than anything and can't imagine life without them. Even when I feel like a prisoner in my own house sometimes, I can't even imagine leaving my kids somewhere, I can't even leave them at church sometimes!! I started a journal of "why I like being a mom" and try to write down all the little moments, even if they're small, of why I love my job :) For example, when I get Brody in the morning and he looks up and me and laughs and it! and when Baylor gives me kisses and says I love you it!!! So next time someone asks you a question, hopefully you'll answer honestly, but lovingly :)

Today's adventures include: painting a huge box to look like a house for Baylor's dinosaurs, making a chocolate cheesecake (I broke down) and folding/putting away the major pile of laundry building up in our bedroom. I plan on taking Baylor outside in the snow (we're supposed to get about a foot) later tonight and maybe head to the library.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bug in his ear

Generally, when Baylor tells us something hurts or is wrong, he's joking or wants attention. For about a week, he had been waking up and telling us that he had a "bug" in his ear and it was buzzing. We found out that the tube in his ear had fallen out (prematurely) and were told to watch for infections...sure....that's like watching paint a deep dark hole. We kept checking in his ear with a flashlight and couldnt' see anything (you can't really see inside an ear with a flashlight anyways, but it gave him some hope) He never ran a fever and never really told us he was in pain, only buzzing. So I took Brody in for his shots today (weighing in at 16lbs by the way) and had the Dr look in Baylor's ear and tell him that there were no "bugs" in his ear. Much to our suprise, she told us he had an ear infection.....which is bittersweet for many reasons. We paid big bucks (and are still paying them off I believe) for ear tubes TO PREVENT his monthly ear infections and to have it fall out and then have him get an infection a week later sucks...big time. We know to watch that ear though and he got on antibiotics and hopefully we'll believe him next time he says there is a bug in his ear. Hopefully we're all on the mend with our colds and infections and will be ready for the next round of illness...I hate winter!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Sunday

Practically a national holiday, Super Bowl Sunday is an excuse to skip dinner, eat lots of hot wings and yell really loud at an oversized flat screen. Since we do not own a t.v with HD or is flat for that matter, we scooted over to the assistant coaches house to partake in the football watching festivities. Baylor got to play with their daughter Laura and jump in a big blow up jumpy thing (wayyyyy cool) but his highlight was the kitchen set and play food, go figure. Brody got to try out his first swing, which he laughed and smiled the whole time...and then spit up all over it. At this point, the game isn't over, but I got the drop off to put the boys to bed and Lonnie went back to finish watching the game. That is what moms do best :) I'm all footballed out, so it's off to dream land for a few hours until munchkin number two wakes with gassy cries.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Sea of spandex

Ahh the memories of sporting tight fitting sleek spandex and running around in circles (although, not such a distant memory, just the other day....) just kidding. We trudged through the snow this morning and I ventured out to Cornell to take the boys to the track meet. It was one enormous spandex fest. There were so many people and Baylor just froze like a deer in headlights. I wasn't sure if he was tired, scared, amazed or mezmorized by the fine specimens sporting sausage casing like uniforms. The meet was going smoothly, I saw Lonnie for about 3.4 seconds and then we he was MIA. I do miss running competatively, but I do not miss needing tongs to remove the speed suit from the rear after a race. No one should have to witness nor have to endure that. I am still planning on training for a triathalon or road races this summer, but I've put my intense training on hold until spring because I can't get away without two midgets by my side. I'll have to stick with running on a treadmill when I can escape.
Both boys were up VERY VERY early this morning for God knows why. I long for the day that they are sleeping in the same room and sleeping until at least 7am. Then they can wake each other up and talk each other back to sleep.....or something like that. I'm still confused about Brody's napping habits. These 20-30 minutes afternoon naps really throw me for a loop and make him into a monster around 4pm. He refuses to go down for a third power nap, so I'm stuck with a zombie trying to make dinner. Ah what fun. Baylor made us breakfast the other day (yes the stove is on, but Lonnie is standing behind him) He is going to be my little cook. He loves helping me bake (mostly eating the dough) and make dinner. I made him his own stove and oven out of a cardboard box and he puts on his apron and "cooks me pasgetti" I can't wait for the day when he brings mom and dad breakfast in bed :)
I am starting a pile of projects for the spring. I have a habit of finding furniture on the side of the road ( or in other peoples garbage) and refinishing it. Why spend $250 bucks when I can do it myself. So far I have three end tables, one foot stool thing, a few window panes, large piece of driftwood and a chair. Let the painting begin.

Friday, February 1, 2008


No. They say the average toddler hears that word a staggering 400 times a day!!! Good grief! I'm pretty sure that is true in our house but instead of Baylor hearing it, I seem to be getting the raw end of the deal and have to hear that ugly word over and over again..."No!!" grrrrrrrr We have entered the defiance-is-my-middle-name stage. We've drawn the line and Baylor has stuck his big toe over it. No one ever said parenting would be easy and there is no simple solution to life's little battles, such as the overuse of the word, NO. The spankin spoon, naughty chair and time-out in your room have been getting a lot of use lately, but they seem to work...especially when you use all three together :) I'm sure we'll look back and laugh later when Baylor is in high school and is arguing with us about his curfew and we stressed out about his use of the word NO.
Brody has lovingly been dubbed, " mr. happy" which amazes me based on the amount of (or lack therof) sleep he gets. He just giggles, smiles and makes super cute baby noises when I try to explain that sleep is good for him. He has also entered the grab anything and everything stage. I was letting the dogs out the other day and had Brody in my arms (facing out) and went about ten mintues without realizing he had grabbed a tin can out of the recycling box when I went to open the door. Good thing it was clean, what's a little tetnus shot? He especially likes grabbing Baylor's face and knawing on his nose....we do not knaw on the Baylor. He's eating like a champ and finally pooing like one too. We were having "plumbing" issues and had to resort to drastic measures involving the thermometer and vasaline...I'll let you figure that one out yourself. His reflux also seems a lot better and we've stopped all meds!! (which was part of the plumbing problem) He goes in Monday for his 6 month shots and to see how much the beefcake weighs. My guess is around 17lbs.
Lonnie has a huge home meet tomorrow (20 teams!) and as always, does a great job with organizing and running a meet. If only I could get him to use that superb skill around the house :) I am very blessed to have a man like him for so many reasons. I like to call him my quiet rock. He doesn't talk much, but when he does it's significant or hilariously outrageous and that's why I love him.