Monday, February 25, 2008

Ah, the sweet aroma of spray paint

If this post makes no's probably because I can't think straight due to an excess of spray paint odor. Why? I will tell you. I got a little antsy on some of my projects and couldn't wait to get outside (and it's raining/sleeting/snowing today) and found this great stool at Goodwill for three bucks. I proceeded to heat the mudroom (before this, it was around 34 degrees) with the space heater in order to bring the temp up to par with spray painting standards. Got my beautiful red spray paint can out and went to town on the stool. Next time...door will be open....fumes kind of stinky. Turns out that the stool had some weird coating on it that was invisible to the naked eye and now it looks like it has some strange skin disease, but kind of cool. We'll see how it turns out...hey, it was three bucks.

Our house was baby proofed from Baylor, but slowly the socket protectors came out in order to vacuum and then glass things went back on the tables because Baylor was more interested in his toys. I usually wash my floors once or twice a week depending on the severity of the dirt and weather. Now, since Brody is mobile, I will have to hide all cords, put more plugs in and wash my floors more (ugh, I hate washing floors!) He found the cabinet today and was super excited to pull everything out (aha, I remember these days!!!) He is also very angry that he can't walk and tries his darnedest to pull himself up but just can't muster enough strength for those sexy thunder thighs...soon, very soon. Baylor entertained himself by using our kitchen/office trash can (yes, it's an old Coke container) as a drum...and then a helmet. His creativity still amazes me everyday.

OPERATION POTTY: um mm, not going so well. This is one defiant child when it comes to potty training. I was all set to put the big boy pants on this morning and give it a try, but Baylor ran screaming out of the room. That answers my question and his response to, "Hey, Baylor you can be like Ellie and go to the potty in the big boy potty." (Ellie is his friend) was priceless.

"No, mom! I no want to be like Ellie! I'm not Ellie, I'm a boy and Ellie is a girl." Very true son, very true. So, we wait.

DOG DILEMMA: Okay, this might seem really weird to some of you, but it happens at my house and the neighbors are beginning to wonder. My two dogs are not spayed (they're both girls) because it is waaaaay to expensive for us right now. At the moment they are in heat and can't stop "getting busy" with each other.....Lesbians? No. Crazy? Yes. Try explaining this behavior to a two year old (yes, they're wrestling!) and watch as the high school boys drive by your yard for the third time laughing. Great, we're going to be known as the humping dog house. What's going on?!

SPRING CLEANING: Every spring, I make this enormous list of what I need to clean, launder, sort, throw out, organize etc. I go through each room and make a detailed list and tackle one room each day. It's that time of year again, time to start thinking of how to deep clean this house and all the winter blues. I am a cleaning product junkie, love to try new cleaning products and techniques to make things sparkle. This year, it's all about using baking soda and vinegar instead of some of the harsh chemicals I like to disinfect my house with. I'm still all about anti-germies but with two boys, I'll have to scale back my chemical addiction.

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