Friday, February 15, 2008

Bragging rights

My husband wins the V day award. I know, I know I still boycott Vday, but despite the fact that we both said we weren't going to get each other something...Lonnie came through big time( and he didn't even read my subtle hint in the blog) I will use this opportunity to brag about my husband. He has been working so hard these past weeks with hosting a track meet and having late practices and balancing that between being super dad and hubby. So yesterday he came home for lunch and his lovely wife (still in her P.j's mind you and looking mighty sexy) and was toting a little red bag (oh, crap...I didn't get him anything!!!) and inside was the best Vday gift....the best way to his wife's heart...CHOCOLATE......CAFFEINE.....MASSAGE!!!!! He got me my favorite candybar (Caramello) and Starbucks coffee and a gift certificate for a massage at a local place.....Holy cow. Lonnie wins the award for the year. If you know my husband, he has the tendancy to forget birthdays, anniversaries and then comes through with bags of oreos at the last minute (which I love and makes me laugh) so this was a huge...thoroughly planned out suprise.

We also got a great package from Gramma Lila (see thank you photo :) and Baylor was in heaven opening it and seeing toys, books and clothes. Way to go Grandma!! My mom brought us some candy (like we need more sugar!) and valentines from Grandpa and herself, she also watched the boys last night while Lonnie had practice and I had band....I am eternally grateful!!!

Now......let me tell you about Hammy.....our little birdfeeder breakin crazy squirrel. I caught him in action yesterday, after he had knocked the top of the feeder and was gorging himself with birdseed. I let the dogs out and that scared him away for like three seconds then he was back and taunting them. So I guess we have a new pet..welcome to the family Hammy.
Okay, going to play with Baylor now...he's licking me...that's right....licking my arm, running away and licking me. Must be his way of telling me to stop playing on the computer and play with him!! :) Happy Friday.

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