Monday, February 4, 2008

Bug in his ear

Generally, when Baylor tells us something hurts or is wrong, he's joking or wants attention. For about a week, he had been waking up and telling us that he had a "bug" in his ear and it was buzzing. We found out that the tube in his ear had fallen out (prematurely) and were told to watch for infections...sure....that's like watching paint a deep dark hole. We kept checking in his ear with a flashlight and couldnt' see anything (you can't really see inside an ear with a flashlight anyways, but it gave him some hope) He never ran a fever and never really told us he was in pain, only buzzing. So I took Brody in for his shots today (weighing in at 16lbs by the way) and had the Dr look in Baylor's ear and tell him that there were no "bugs" in his ear. Much to our suprise, she told us he had an ear infection.....which is bittersweet for many reasons. We paid big bucks (and are still paying them off I believe) for ear tubes TO PREVENT his monthly ear infections and to have it fall out and then have him get an infection a week later sucks...big time. We know to watch that ear though and he got on antibiotics and hopefully we'll believe him next time he says there is a bug in his ear. Hopefully we're all on the mend with our colds and infections and will be ready for the next round of illness...I hate winter!!

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