Thursday, February 28, 2008

By golly, I think he's got it

Four nights in a row...sleeping from 7:30ish to 6ish. Now, this is the part where a light comes from heaven and I hear the sweet chorus of angels singing (ahhhhhh) Hallelujah! Knock on wood, cross my fingers, pray to God that this is not a fluke or a blip on his radar. Baylor, the eternal non-sleeper may have figured it out folks....and the funny part is, he is getting his top two teeth (so don't you blame nonsleeping on teeth!) It also may be attributed to the fact that he is moving all over the place and climbing up stairs, boxes or anything in his way....VERY DETERMINED! So I feel like a few woman, I had forgotten what seven or eight straight hours of sleep felt like....oh yes, HEAVEN!!!!! So big praise God, hopefully it continues....forever.

I used my valentines gift this morning (the massage!) and it was amazing. I'm pretty sure I could have stayed in there for another five hours. I feel so relaxed and if I could just find me some chocolate....

Baylor is uber cranky today (could be cause his dad slept with him last night because he was up crying for some odd reason) we can't win, two sleeping kids would be unheard of :)

Guess what?


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Crazy Mom said...

Hooray for SLEEP!!!

Can I add to your side list:
L.) leftover crusted food on the floor that we are not sure how long has been there.
M.) Old Stale Mc'D's Frenchfries found in the abyss of the mini-van.
N.)Bottle full of homeopathic Teething Tablets (called poison only causes 'dry mouth').
O.)Raw chicken found in the garbage.
P.) Lead based toy licking.

Not that I'd know any of these things from experience, mind you....