Monday, February 18, 2008

Cabin Fever

"My daddy is workin hard!" exclaims Baylor this morning as Lonnie headed off to work through the ice and snow. Yes, he does work hard, but he also gets to leave the house....without a car seat and diaper bag. I'm very thankful for getting to stay home, I wouldn't trade it for anything but I do miss those days when I could just drop everything and leave. I wouldn't have to worry if I had enough diapers, if Baylor needed his diaper changed before we got in the car and if our trip would interrupt naptime. I'm not sure my wonderful husband understands what it's like to be secluded from the outside world, without a car and not being able to leave. Granted, he is going to work...but he's going ALONE. I can't even pee alone! "whatcha doing mommy!?" What does it look like child.
It's 4 degrees. Lots of snow. Stuck inside. Yes, I'm whining...and I'm allowed. I had a great morning planned out with my mom who has the day off, but the roads are so bad we can't go anywhere. Baylor and I made a cheesecake (don't worry if was lowfat, and even if it wasn't I'd still eat it) this morning and I finished the laundry and dishes. I'm sure if you added up all the time I spent on those two things, it would add up to a few years! Baylor got a new leapfrog book and has been inthrawled with that for the past few days. He loves those things, I'm going to have to find more at garage sales this summer. Chloe is sitting on my lap right now licking my hand (must be leftover cheesecake) but she's keeping me warm. I keep mispelling words (more than usual) because my fingers just won't move that fast, they're partially frozen. Brody was up a ton last night again. I need to let him fuss a little and put himself back to sleep, I just don't want him to wake Baylor up. This too shall pass... I HOPE!! He has started pulling himself up in the crib and then I see these two little eyes and hear a little giggle as he spots me...crap. I'm going to have to get a privacy screen or pray he starts sleeping through the night so I can put him with his brother. He wants to move so bad, he will crawl (0r more like worm ) his way over any obstacle to get to what he wants. I have a feeling he'll be walking way before Baylor did....which was pretty early...scary....two walking kids!!

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MamaMiller said...

We will have to get together this week, maybe I can come over soon since the snow has temporarily ceased... :) ITS TIME FOR SPRING