Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Catch em' being good

Something my mother always tells me and so I try to catch Baylor doing something good everyday and praise him for it. Which isn't hard, because he is a very good boy (even though sometimes a little cranky...but he's two!) He amazes me with everything he learns and puts into use. He has become very gentle with his brother which is great to see, he was even holding his hand today...for no reason at all :) It's amazing to see the differences between both boys already and how each of their personalities is very different. Baylor is a strong willed yet gentle soul with plenty of drama and Brody has started showing us his crazy determination. What a great combination to raise two amazing boys to hopefully love the Lord and be a chivilrous respectful godly men. I did see a softer side to Lonnie however, he was playing with one of our friends' daughter and as I watched him, he sort of melted into this gentle man. It wasn't like anything I'd seen before with the boys, but very different. If we decide to have another kiddo I was convinced I didn't want a girl, but after seeing Lonnie, I wonder what he would be like around a daughter. Don't worry...not for a looooooong time. One step at a time...like Brody sleeping through the night and Baylor not waking up at night with nightmares....and both boys in the same room...joy!!
I'm planning my triathlon training....key word..planning. I can barely get out of the house alone to get groceries, I'm trying to strategize about running, swimming and biking without children...hmmmm might be some early mornings and late nights. What's new.

Trying to sew booties....once again, keyword TRYING. I may design the fabric, but I don't follow directions very well.

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