Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dr. Baylor

Has a nice ring to it huh? Bayor decided he wanted to play Dr. with Lonnie today and give him shots. Lonnie played along until his face was full of bandaids and then it was time to find a new game.

Snowing again. Suprised?! We're not. This was a wet snow with ice and sleet. It is warmer though, and that is a plus. Good snowman or dino making snow. Bad shovling snow.
Good news...we have poopage from the Brody man. Must have been stuffed with much poo...nasty blowout, I'll spare you the details. Pray that sleep comes next.

I got new boots. Black and white polka dot rain boots. Lonnie says they're hideous, but that makes me love them even more. I am preparing physically and mentally for spring. Bring on the puddles.

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