Sunday, February 24, 2008

Flying crab and more snow

Yes! Date night. Every time we would schedule a date night, something would happen, but this time we actually enjoyed about two and a half hours....alone...whew! It's kind of funny though, I had been looking forward to being alone with Lonnie and without kids for a while, but all I could think of was my kids and how much I missed them....sad ....not really, just love. But I really enjoyed being with Lonnie! We had fun, it was so nice to talk to Lonnie without being interrupted by sailing toys or barking dogs. We ate at Red Lobster with out gift card and staring at the menu was like reading a foreign language to me. First of all, we don't go out to eat very often and especially at restaurants like Red Lobster. I got to eat crab, which I have only done once in my life and I remember why I don't like it. It was like doing surgery (not that I've ever done that either) and pieces of crab were flying all over the place. I had to get a crab cracking demonstration from our waiter. All that work for little pieces of flesh...strange, but good. Next time, easier food. Both boys were great for grandma and grandpa Koser and of course, didn't want to leave. All in all, a great end to the week.

Sooooooo we're supposed to get another snow storm tomorrow. Seriously, this is getting a little old. I spent about an hour outside today with the ice melt and ice chopper thingy, wishing we would have registered for a jackhammer instead of that blender, when we got married. I didn't make that much progress either, only about two cement squares. The ice was about three inches thick. Tomorrow...more snow. Icky.

Oh yes, Lonnie wants me to tell you for the record that Brody is saying, "DA DA DA DA DA" first :)

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Crazy Mom said...

Ugh, more snow here too. I'm dreading that school might be cancelled yet again. Double Ugh....

Glad you guys got to go out. I miss those days of communicating a complete thought to my husband while eating hot food. Sigh.