Thursday, February 7, 2008

Foot O' Snow and waffle butt

24 hours later....12 inches later....on top of about 6 inches makes for a nice 18 inches of snow here in the lovely state of Iowa. I am blinded when I look out my window to a sea of white and once in a while a dog head pops out, and then back again...searching for that bunny, mouse or tennis ball lost in the snow. It's funny how we have become such wussies when it comes to snow. Geepers creepers we live in Iowa folks, what do you expect? After the snow yesterday, the roads weren't that bad, but of office...closed....Grocery store...closed!!! Wussies. C'mon people, I needed diapers (not me! for the boys!!) stamps and garbage tags. How do you think the people in Minnesota (our very close neighbors I might add) deal with their snow? Do they shutdown the post office and one and only over-priced grocery store? Nope, doubt it. Anyways, the snow is actually kind of fun and maybe a little pretty...just a little. I still yearn for spring, I even invested in a new pair of bright pink rain excited, now Baylor and I can go puddle jumpin together.
Here is photo of me and the little booger. Not the most photogenic kid, but awfully cute :) The photo below is of me and Baylor and our new train engineer hats...way cool!!

Oh yes...BIG praise. CAR IS PAID OFF!!! Yippeeee!!! Sigh of relief....and only 400 miles until it hits the big 100,000 mark.'re probably wondering what's with the waffle butt...well I will explain. We're trying this potty training deal VERY slowly and far between. Yesterday, I was feeling mighty ambitious and had Baylor running around naked from the waist down so he could go potty in the big boy toilet. Our house, as you may know, is very cold and I had the new space heater that was so very graciously donated to us, in the living room. So I ran upstairs to put Brody down for his nap and hear this scream and then crying. Visions of blood, contusions, stitches and broken bones are running through my head. Then I hear, "mommmmm, I sneezed.." Wow. That was one powerful sneeze kid. So I run back downstairs and see Baylor grasping his little tush and crying. Apparently he was "warming" his netherparts and sneezed and backed up into the heater....and now has this little waffle pattern burned into his right butt cheek....poor kid. It's actually not that bad, and almost kind of funny...okay, it's funny. He's fine and it doesn't hurt (or at least he hasn't mentioned it) So note to self. Do not stand naked in front of space heater and sneeze.

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Kim said...

Ok, I just read your post and figured out why Philip is over there snickering. I'll make sure to pass this info on to Josiah. :)